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ayee its your girl yUKI and i am here to see how all my friends have been!

i hope the person reading this is happy and healthy!

for my friends over here, if there’s any way we could keep in contact that would be great 😀


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Why K-Pop Reaction Videos Are…

CM here.

And today I will be ranting about… K-Pop reaction videos !!!

So what is a K-Pop reaction video? that moment when everyone knows what it is A K-Pop reaction video is a video where a person- usually a non K-Pop fan who is unfamiliar with the music genre- reacts to a K-Pop music video and comments about it. Yes, it sounds pretty nice. After all, it is just a ‘reaction video’– so what’s so hazardous about it?

Everything. Every single thing.

I know there are plenty of good reacting channels out there (wait, how can you be good at reacting?) but I’m writing this post based on my personal opinions and experiences.

K-Pop reaction videos are annoying. And when I say ‘annoying’, I mean ‘really, really annoying’. Most annoying reactors share a few similarities, and I will list a few of them:

1- “I don’t understand what they are saying.”

Face palm. Double face palm. Or probably triple face palm. This is what ninety percent of reactors say when it’s their first time watching a K-Pop music video. Whenever I hear this, I feel the need to throw my laptop towards the window, scream in rage and listen to some Mozart to calm my farms.

Of course you don’t understand what they are singing. Overall, they are Korean. And nope, they are not Chinese, Japanese, American, African or so on. This is K-Pop, and the ‘K’ stands for ‘Korean’- if you didn’t know that. Sometimes, it’s painful to see people expecting that every music video in Youtube would be in English.

How stupid can people be?

2- “They are like the Korean version of…”

No. Freaking no. They are not the Korean version of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, 5SOS or any Western musician you can think of.

First of all, K-Pop idols didn’t spent 2~8 years practicing singing and dancing just to be titled as a random Western musician. They are K-Pop idols, not the Korean version of *insert a Western musician*.

3- Commenting on every freaking scene in the music video

Yes, we know that’s a cat. And yes, we do know that there’s a group of good looking Korean dudes dancing in a freaking desert. You do not need to point out about every single detail you can see in the music video.

Reactors can be annoying as hell whenever they do this. Instead of commenting about their opinions about the music video, they are practically explaining about every freakin’ thing that is happening in the video. How nice of them.

4- Racist comments

Okay, not every reactor is racist but instead, they are extremely close minded.

But the Internet is a very ugly place. And racism is everywhere- including a few K-Pop reaction videos.

I had seen this European reacting to a K-Pop music video once. And I totally regret watching that reaction video. He attempted to stretch his eyes to make ‘Asian eyes’ and consistently mocking the song lyrics.

I must say it was a rather f*cked up experience and I hope that that is the only racist K-Pop reaction video uploaded onto Youtube.

Wowwie baw-wow. That was a pretty long post.

So, how do you think about K-Pop reaction videos? Personally, I hate it with a burning passion. But I guess I didn’t see the bright side of reaction channels.


The blog and.. the blog

It’s me.

The infamous procrastinator… Chocolatemonstar.

Okay. First things first. I have some jolly interesting news.

I don’t know what to do with Kanimedreams and I’m just hoping for Yuki to make a come back. Not to mention I’m pretty desperate and running out of motivation to run a blog. Yuki, please come back

I sound so irresponsible well maybe because I am irresponsible

Anyway, I’m stuck. Stuck with this problem.


A wonderful community blog…

And it’s in a pretty bad.. state. I don’t know how to explain this situation but I would try to explain what’s happening:

  1. The Kanimedream blog is sort of abandoned it’s mainly my fault please blame on me guys, not the other admins who are really wonderful
  2. I don’t know where to start from. What should I write? What should I do? What do I have to do?
  3. I want to start my personal blog but I know that I would soon be abandoning it within five minutes
  4. I’m pretty desperate and I really wish Yuki would come back

Full stop. Question mark. Exclamation mark.

Although I’m that ugly person who randomly left WP and came back, I feel pretty upset about the current state of Kanimedreams. I mean, it’s the best blog ever and I can’t just stand by and watch it burnin’ down.

I have to post something. I have to post something so that the blog would be active once again. I have to DO something.

So I’m thinking about what types of topics I should write about.

Previously, I had written a post series about Korean Internet Culture (which was damn interesting to write about). I also had written about K-Pop (mostly my favourite bands) and anime (Tokyo Ghoul is awesome, fight with me if you disagree with this).

If you have any suggestions about.. topics I should write about, leave a comment or… an essay.




So. It’s me. Chocolatemonstar.

Okay, I sound like the person you had never expected to return but did return.

I’m not sure how I should write this post. It’s been a thousand months (well, it’s not a thousand, but it feels like that) since I had posted something on the Kanimedream blog.

Before I start writing this post (and regretting my choices), I’m going to introduce myself, for all those new followers who do not know me. I’m Chocolatemonstar and I actually was a part of this community before I just vanished into the air without leaving a notice. Back in the olden days, I used to post stuff about K-Pop and stuff about Korean internet culture. But I guess.. it’s all gone (because I deleted it, which is pretty obvious).

Anyway, back onto the topic.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. You know, suddenly vanishing off to La-La land and totally forgetting about my wonderful WordPress friends.

I guess I decided to ‘stop’ using WordPress since June (or July). I don’t know why- but I just did it. I did it because I felt that blogging wasn’t a relevant thing to me anymore. By then, I was starting to use Twitter and most of my time were spent there.

Pretty stupid, I guess. To just randomly abandon my WordPress blog(s) because there were other things that seemed to be much more interesting and.. fun.

Without hesitating, I wiped off everything that was uploaded onto my personal WP blog and the Kanimedreams blog. Which was a huge mistake. To be honest, I nearly deleted my whole WP account!

Thinking about it now, it is one of the stupidest thing I could ever do. Why would I even abandon the place where I had spend freaking four years in?

So I’m back.

Back to the ‘Place Where I Had Spent Four Freaking Years In But Kind of Forgot About It’.

I’m not sure whether I should fully join the Kanimedreams community.. yet. I just feel so sorry for the Great Yuki. I mean, who in the world with the right mind would just randomly disappear and randomly come back? (Well, the answer is: me. And I’m pretty embarrassed).

I’m also clueless with what I should do with my WP blog. I just can’t delete it. That would probably be too painful. I can still remember the 9-Year-Old-Me angrily punching the keyboard to publish a post on WP and drawing the lamest pictures on Microsoft Paint to write a story.

Anyway, I just feel a bit weird writing a post in WP. Such a long time since I bothered to log onto the WP site and do something. I also feel a bit bad to see the Kanimedreams site being inactive (I think I should blame myself for this)…

I mean, Kanimedreams is a wonderful community. I swear it is one of the friendliest communities I had ever stumbled on in the Internet. I rarely get to see such communities like this. Everybody is nearly the same age as me. Everybody has a certain interest, such as Kpop, anime or even games. Everybody is so friendly and really, really nice.

And I just hate myself for leaving a majestic community like this.


  • this post is written with mixed thoughts, regrets and a spoonful of tomato sauce

Reunion of The Great

The last post I made talked about this blogs two year anniversary, which was posted a month ago.

School had ended a while back but I never gave a shot at posting because the way I was last year compared to now is pretty different, in a good way 😀

I still love myself some kpop, anime, and fanfics of course that part never changed.

I guess I quit ‘Fantage’ now, and the account has about 15K of gold so if someone wants some gold comment below :,)



Happy Two Years!


WordPress gave me the notification late, smh-

Anyways, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been with me in this blogging journey. 😀

I’d like to thank all my followers, and all those who’ve just popped onto my blog.

I love you guys so much, and thank you for making 2014-2016 and counting a blast.