Happy New Year: 2017

Happy new year, guys! 

I know 2016 was one of the worst years in our lives but let’s hope that 2017 wouldn’t be as bad as that. Since I am moving up to Year 8, I suppose I would have less time to blog but I promise that I wouldn’t be on a hiatus like last year. 

For 2017, I’m looking forward to change the blog theme, improve a few parts of the sites (gotta talk with Yuki about this) and post at least once a week. 

Again, happy new year and I certainly wish that 2017 would be much BETTER than 2016.


P.S 2017 is not going to be the Year of My Life because I’m DREADING to become a Year 8 (you know, studies and teachers and still NO selective subjects). Also, T.O.P from BIGBANG (who is also my bias) is going to army, and THAT is definitely not a good way to start 2017.

Unpopular K-Pop Opinions: Koreaboos


throwback to 2012 when yeogi butora was the JAM
throwback to 2012 when yeogi butora was the JAM

 If the ANIME fandom has WEABOOS,

 the K-POP fandom has KOREABOOS

  Annyeonghasaeyo, my friends. It’s Chocolatemonstar, the saram who likes BIGBANG oppas and 2NE1 unnies.

no, i’m not a koreaboo… i just wanna be asian!1!!!


Just. Freaking. KOREABOOS.

Before a non-Kpop fan comes up to me and ask what in the world is a Koreaboo, I shall explain this easy for you.

A Koreaboo is a  person who is extremely obsessed with Hallyu-related stuff such as K-Pop, Korean drama, comics and so on.

Hmm… well…

That sounds fine. Nothing dangerous about Koreaboos. They love Korean stuff, just like how Weaboos getting crazy about Japanese stuff.

BUT. Let’s add a bit more details to this definition.

A non-Korean person who is overly obsessed with Korean pop culture, generally to the point of wishing to be re-born as a Korean or make themselves seem more Korean physically or by adopting mannerisms    and speaking habits.

source: (x)

(PPAP voice)

I got a WEABOOw, I got K-Pop. take out the ‘weea’

URGH. Koreaboo.

This is how Koreaboo works. Just imagine a K-Pop fan. No, a hardcore K-Pop fan who likes anything that is related to Korea. Now, imagine this hardcore K-Pop fan screaming random Korean words and wishing that s/he wants to become a Korean.

Yeap. There you go.

Some people might say that Koreaboos are just hardcore K-Pop fans who just really, really like K-Pop, K-Dramas and such. But I kinda disagree with this. Koreaboos are STRAIGHTFORWARD.

KOREA is where they want to go and LIVE in. KOREANS are who they like and what they want to be. KOREAN is what they want to speak. KOREAKOREAKOREA is love.

To be honest, as a Korean, I want to go out and vomit when it comes to “Koreaboos”.

I mean, I really appreciate that there are a bunch of lovely people like my country’s culture but… Sometimes, people do cross the line.

Getting obsessed with a certain nationality, country and… people (not K-Pop idols or Korean actors and actresses, I’m talking about normal citizens).

It’s a bit too much. I don’t know why but I had seen many Koreaboos having this ‘stereotypical’ thought about all Koreans lookin’ good like K-Pop stars and wishing that they would date with Koreans.

Not to mention that they have a HUUUGEE expectation that Korea is a country where rainbows, sparkly unicorns and K-Pop stars walking on the streets exist.

The main reason why I have negative opinions about Koreaboos is that they fetishize Koreans (sometimes Asians in general) and disrespect the Korean culture and country in various racist ways.

Koreaboos are usually pretending to be Koreans by spitting out random Korean phrases or words, but deep inside they have NO actual understanding of the culture or whatsoever.

Unsurprisingly, I feel awfully uncomfortable and disgusted at the fact that there are people trying to sexualize people and disgracing my cultural background.

“I want to date a cute Korean girl!”

“Hah… I want to be a Korean!”

“That Korean guy looks Kim Soo Hyun oppa!!!”

“I wouldn’t mind him because he is KOREAN!”

“I’m going to do some aegyo! Oppa…!”

Stop. Just stop.

Koreans are just Koreans. K-Pop is just K-Pop. Korea is just Korea. Nothing ‘special’ or ‘cute’. No ‘wow’ factors about it.

So PLEASE… I’m going to say this again: JUST STOP. You can be an awesome       K-Pop fan without sexualising people, disrespecting culture and pretending to be a Korean.


We Need to Talk About BIGBANG

let’s check out these two LIT songs before reading my stupid post

SKRRRRRTTT. It’s been over a WEEK since BIGBANG released three beautifully crafted new songs (and music videos) to save the K-Pop industry.

When the music videos were first released, I was absolutely determined to write about a blog post about it. But thanks to my extreme procrastination, I forgot about the blog post for weeks and as a result, was under an awfully long hiatus.


Let’s return to our REAL topic.

  • note: I changed my username into ‘oksusu’ (pronunciation: ock-su-su/definition: ‘corn’ in korean). but you guys can still call me cm, oksusu or potato… just whatever you want.

BIGBANG released two music videos and three songs.

Fxxk It (title song): Music Video

A lit song that saved 2K16 K-Pop in the last minute. Believe it or not, dabbing is required if you want to dance to it bigbang still look cool and not cringey when they dab this is unfair why

Unlike Last Dance, it’s more of a ‘hip-hop’ and ‘R&B’ mash up with a sprinkle of electronic beats. Plus, Daesung’s vocals are ASTONISHING in this freaking song and I actually feel that people would start to acknowledge his beautiful-but-underappreciated vocals after listening to ‘Fxxk It’.

As usual, BIGBANG never fails to come up with a good party song and like ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’, the two iconic party songs, ‘Fxxk It’ is absolutely catchy and lit.

Last Dance (title song): Music Video

*tears come out as I try to listen to it’

Surprisingly, Last Dance is not a love song i hate this love song i hate this love song saramdeul Instead, it is about the experiences and journey BIGBANG had to go through for the past ten years. ‘Last Dance’ is dedicated to the fans (VIPs) who had stayed behind BIGBANG’s backs regardless the situation and obstacles they had to face.

It is a seriously amazing song that would make you cry a river and build a bridge over it. I was literally crying in a pool of sadness while listening to ‘Last Dance’ and thinking about the struggles and painful BIGBANG (and VIPs) had to face.

10 years sounds really, really long.

And yes, it is LONG. Long enough for a group of five young teenagers, who had to keep on practicing in awful conditions, to grow up and become one of the best K-Pop artists.

I don’t know how to feel about this song. It is so touching, beautiful and painful to explain it in words.

The last time BIGBANG made a fan song was when they were singing songs like ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008 (… or somewhere around the late 2000’s). The song title was ‘Until Whenever’ and the lyrics were awfully painful but amazing. If I had to compare these two songs together, I would say that ‘Last Dance’ is an upgraded version of Until Whenever and shows how much BIGBANG had changed over time.

p.s) Seungri sounds like a freaking angel here.

Girlfriend: No music video


According to an interview, ‘Girlfriend’ is BIGBANG’s favorite new song.

Anyone could think that ‘Girlfriend’ is a typical love song that features a guy loving his girlfriend. But RING DING DONG THEY ARE WRONG!

As usual, the Kings do not follow the same path as others.

T.O.P had put in an extreme amount of time and effort to write the lyrics and it turns out that he and two other BIGBANG members thought about their fans (VIPs) while they wrote the song.

It would be incorrect to say that ‘Girlfriend’ is a love song since it is sorta dedicated to their fans- just like ‘Last Dance’.

I wanted to keep my explanation about ‘Girlfriend’ short and simple- since I don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys. Unlike ‘Fxxk it’ or ‘Last Dance’, ‘Girlfriend’ doesn’t have a music video (obviously, because it is not a title) but the FREAKIN QUALITY of this FREAKIN SONG would make you understand why it doesn’t need to have a music video.

Four words to summarize this paragraph: Just listen to it.

Which song do you like? Mine is ‘Last Dance’ because it makes me want to tear up whenever I listen to it.

URGH. Thinking about the fact that this will be BIGBANG’s last comeback before they go to military next year. We wouldn’t see them until 2020~2021, which is really depressing.

Now, let’s enjoy the final moments of BIGBANG before it is difficult to see them as a group again.


Why K-Pop Reaction Videos Are…

CM here.

And today I will be ranting about… K-Pop reaction videos !!!

So what is a K-Pop reaction video? that moment when everyone knows what it is A K-Pop reaction video is a video where a person- usually a non K-Pop fan who is unfamiliar with the music genre- reacts to a K-Pop music video and comments about it. Yes, it sounds pretty nice. After all, it is just a ‘reaction video’– so what’s so hazardous about it?

Everything. Every single thing.

I know there are plenty of good reacting channels out there (wait, how can you be good at reacting?) but I’m writing this post based on my personal opinions and experiences.

K-Pop reaction videos are annoying. And when I say ‘annoying’, I mean ‘really, really annoying’. Most annoying reactors share a few similarities, and I will list a few of them:

1- “I don’t understand what they are saying.”

Face palm. Double face palm. Or probably triple face palm. This is what ninety percent of reactors say when it’s their first time watching a K-Pop music video. Whenever I hear this, I feel the need to throw my laptop towards the window, scream in rage and listen to some Mozart to calm my farms.

Of course you don’t understand what they are singing. Overall, they are Korean. And nope, they are not Chinese, Japanese, American, African or so on. This is K-Pop, and the ‘K’ stands for ‘Korean’- if you didn’t know that. Sometimes, it’s painful to see people expecting that every music video in Youtube would be in English.

How stupid can people be?

2- “They are like the Korean version of…”

No. Freaking no. They are not the Korean version of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, 5SOS or any Western musician you can think of.

First of all, K-Pop idols didn’t spent 2~8 years practicing singing and dancing just to be titled as a random Western musician. They are K-Pop idols, not the Korean version of *insert a Western musician*.

3- Commenting on every freaking scene in the music video

Yes, we know that’s a cat. And yes, we do know that there’s a group of good looking Korean dudes dancing in a freaking desert. You do not need to point out about every single detail you can see in the music video.

Reactors can be annoying as hell whenever they do this. Instead of commenting about their opinions about the music video, they are practically explaining about every freakin’ thing that is happening in the video. How nice of them.

4- Racist comments

Okay, not every reactor is racist but instead, they are extremely close minded.

But the Internet is a very ugly place. And racism is everywhere- including a few K-Pop reaction videos.

I had seen this European reacting to a K-Pop music video once. And I totally regret watching that reaction video. He attempted to stretch his eyes to make ‘Asian eyes’ and consistently mocking the song lyrics.

I must say it was a rather f*cked up experience and I hope that that is the only racist K-Pop reaction video uploaded onto Youtube.

Wowwie baw-wow. That was a pretty long post.

So, how do you think about K-Pop reaction videos? Personally, I hate it with a burning passion. But I guess I didn’t see the bright side of reaction channels.


The blog and.. the blog

It’s me.

The infamous procrastinator… Chocolatemonstar.

Okay. First things first. I have some jolly interesting news.

I don’t know what to do with Kanimedreams and I’m just hoping for Yuki to make a come back. Not to mention I’m pretty desperate and running out of motivation to run a blog. Yuki, please come back

I sound so irresponsible well maybe because I am irresponsible

Anyway, I’m stuck. Stuck with this problem.


A wonderful community blog…

And it’s in a pretty bad.. state. I don’t know how to explain this situation but I would try to explain what’s happening:

  1. The Kanimedream blog is sort of abandoned it’s mainly my fault please blame on me guys, not the other admins who are really wonderful
  2. I don’t know where to start from. What should I write? What should I do? What do I have to do?
  3. I want to start my personal blog but I know that I would soon be abandoning it within five minutes
  4. I’m pretty desperate and I really wish Yuki would come back

Full stop. Question mark. Exclamation mark.

Although I’m that ugly person who randomly left WP and came back, I feel pretty upset about the current state of Kanimedreams. I mean, it’s the best blog ever and I can’t just stand by and watch it burnin’ down.

I have to post something. I have to post something so that the blog would be active once again. I have to DO something.

So I’m thinking about what types of topics I should write about.

Previously, I had written a post series about Korean Internet Culture (which was damn interesting to write about). I also had written about K-Pop (mostly my favourite bands) and anime (Tokyo Ghoul is awesome, fight with me if you disagree with this).

If you have any suggestions about.. topics I should write about, leave a comment or… an essay.