so it looks like pledis finally took pristin [previously known as pledis girlz] out of the dungeon! they came out with their debut song ‘wee woo’, which is a really catchy song so i’m sure you’ll like it.

you probably recognize the girls from produce 101 [which was basically a survival show in which the top 11 girls get to debut in ‘ioi’ for a year; with nayoung and pinky previously in ioi] as the girls had auditioned with after school’s bang.

right now i’m not sure who’s my bias, it’s a tie between pinky, siyeon, and rena.

but you know what? just stan pledis, they got talent 😉

[ + typing in lowercase because i’m lazy xP ]

▬ yuki


Lets Go!

WOO look at that beautiful fashion statement Cutie and I created, it looks extreme.

After meeting with Cutie on Fantage [which just happened to be fate], I decided to revamp this blog and get it going! I’ll be changing the blog look this week, and writing more posts since it is March Break.

I haven’t exactly been busy the past year, so it looks like you and I will be able to do some bonding 😉

Now I really need to know; what happened since ‘Fantage Confessions’?

+ also stan nu’est, check them out on produce 101 season 2 legit.



Hello, Hello.

ayee its your girl yUKI and i am here to see how all my friends have been!

i hope the person reading this is happy and healthy!

for my friends over here, if there’s any way we could keep in contact that would be great 😀


check out sf9’s fanfare while you’re here !


Reunion of The Great

The last post I made talked about this blogs two year anniversary, which was posted a month ago.

School had ended a while back but I never gave a shot at posting because the way I was last year compared to now is pretty different, in a good way 😀

I still love myself some kpop, anime, and fanfics of course that part never changed.

I guess I quit ‘Fantage’ now, and the account has about 15K of gold so if someone wants some gold comment below :,)



Happy Two Years!


WordPress gave me the notification late, smh-

Anyways, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been with me in this blogging journey. 😀

I’d like to thank all my followers, and all those who’ve just popped onto my blog.

I love you guys so much, and thank you for making 2014-2016 and counting a blast.