Call Me Crazy

… for not posting for so long.  And not being active for so long.  Sometimes it drives me near insanity not talking to you all.  Okay, not that extreme. 😄  But I do miss everyone, and I have no idea what’s been going on for the past… month?  Two months?  Hopefully everything’s alright, everyone’s still as lively as ever?  Or at least more lively than me… xP

Well, I know Yuki’s going on break again… I think.  We’ve been talking a lot, so I’m glad we can still keep in touch.  I’d love to keep in touch with you other people on social media besides WordPress… because I haven’t been checking it as often lately.

Anyways, I’ve given up on talking about anime and K-Pop around my friends… okay, I still talk about anime with the people who actually enjoy watching it and who actually respond full-heartedly.

I think I’ve also driven others insane by talking about GOT7 so much.  Alright, that’s a lie, I think they’ve gone beyond insane… and I’ve stopped talking about the subject, because, well… by now you should get the point.  😄  I sent him a whole playlist of GOT7 songs… I don’t think he ever listened to it lol.

On that note, here’s a GOT7 song I won’t ever get tired of (Well, I’ll never get tired of any of them) 😀

And an Utatane Piko and Kagamine Len song, because Piko’s my favorite Vocaloid and his songs with Len are AMAZING 😉

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

Why Do I Even Try

I bet all of you, each an every one of you, has at least attempted to get one of your friends into your interests… such as anime, K-Pop, and other such things.  Well… I’m no different.

I mean, we all need someone to talk to.  Why not something you find interest in?

I guess it’s not that easy, though.

I’ve tried to talk people into anime and K-Pop, but they’re never willing to listen.  They claim that it’s in another language, so they can’t watch it.  Puh-lease!  How do you think I watch it then?  Haha, I’m not fluent in Japanese or Korean.

Like, I understand that they might not have the same interests as me, but why diss something if you’ve never tried it out?  Lame excuses such as not knowing the language should not exist in this cruel world.

One time, I said, “I like anime and K-Pop.  You should check it out,” my friend’s little brother yelled out, “IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE ASIAN!”



I shouldn’t even try any more.

And then I have this one friend, I was trying to convince him to get into GOT7… You see, he already was a fan of K-Pop (not majorly, but he liked it) and he would not listen to the whole playlist of GOT7 songs I sent him.  Smh.  He called me crazily obsessed….  And then I sent him a whole playlist of BTS songs (he liked BTS more than GOT7) but refused to listen to it, claiming that he had to listen to One Direction.  Seriously!  It broke my heart.  He hasn’t mentioned K-Pop since. ;n;

I shouldn’t even try any more.

LONG STORY SHORT… I should give up on immersing my friends into the world of anime, K-Pop, and many other miraculous things.  I mean… at least I look into something if they suggest it, but nope, they don’t give a second of their time for stuff I suggest.

I’ll just give up on them.

Although… that means I can’t slip anything anime or K-Pop related into conversations… they already think I’m a little TOO obsessed.

Got(7) any other experiences of trying but failing to get a friend to even listen to one thing of your liking?  I (J)hope you’ve had better luck than me!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. Apologies if you found this post useless. 😉

Miracle In Cell No.7

Alright, I won’t include any spoilers, but I will warn you… I cried… on multiple occasions throughout this movie.

Yuki is a meanie and told me to watch it, so I decided to stay up until 3:15 in the morning crying my eyeballs out.

But moving on….

This is the trailer, but the full movie is also on YouTube if you want to watch it.  So I guess I’ll rate it?

Plot: 9/10 I hate the ending, guys… xD

Characters: 8/10 I think some of the characters’ roles just don’t seem to make sense.. but I love some of the other ones.  😛

FEELS: 11/10 This is seriously heart-wrenching; I cried more times than I ever have during a movie.

Ok, obviously, you could tell those ratings weren’t very serious lol.  Honestly, I’m not going to seriously rate the movie because everyone has different preferences on different aspects of a movie.

There were funny parts, adorable parts, angering parts, and especially tear-jerking parts.  I would recommend this to you if you’re looking for a good movie to cry at. xP  Honestly, I thought it was amazing, and I love the concept, but it was extremely painful (?) to watch.

If you haven’t watched it yet, basically a very loving father is trying to get a Sailor Moon bag for his daughter, and he is very determined.  Another girl who bought the last bag in the store offers the man to follow her to another store selling the same bag.  On the way there, she slips… and dies see, it is possible to fall and die that easily, so the man tries to give her CPR but instead is convicted of rape and murder.  He is mentally impaired, so the police trick him into “confessing” his crime, which was actually a misunderstanding.  The rest of the movie, the father is in prison, and his cell inmates and the chief cop try to help convince the justice system that he is innocent and should not be punished.

That’s all I’ll say for now.  If you watch or have watched this movie, please tell me your opinions in the comments! 🙂

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be posting. Don’t get on me for that.

But anyways, I wanted to get some recommendations for different K-Pop, J-Pop, any pop artists/groups as well as some K-Drama.

So you’ve all probably know I’ve loved GOT7 for a long time, and that it’s been my favorite band since the beginning.  Trust me, I love other groups as well, but GOT7 seems to top them all, and I find it hard to NOT listen to at least a few of their songs every day.

So I’m still sorta-kinda-not-really new to K-Pop.  I’ve been into it for a while, but… I haven’t quite gotten myself obsessed with very much.  OF COURSE I still love K-Pop, but I’d like to know some really good other bands.  Even if it’s not K-Pop.

But getting back on track, I don’t actually know a lot of bands.  So in the comments below, I’d appreciate learning some new K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, Mando-Pop, whatever bands so I can begin a new phase of fangirling lol.

As for K-Drama, I know Yuki’s talked about it quite a bit, but I’ve actually never watched any.  She makes it seem interesting, so I thought I’d try it out.  Although I’m not sure what to start with.

Right now the only things I ever watch are anime and Fuller House I have no life so I want to add some K-Drama to my list. 😉  Thanks Yuki for introducing me to Korean media. xP

So any suggestions?  Leave them below, I’d love to hear from the people who most likely listen to/watch more Korean media than I do because I’m a total noob.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

BTS Fangirl Alert

So recently I watched this video.  It’s about 9 minutes long, so you can watch it or not, but if you do, you’ll probably die.  It’s so funny and cute. 😉

It’s a compilation of clips of BTS when they’re not making videos.  🙂  Mostly based around Kim Taehyung (V) with many quirky moments.  I couldn’t switch tabs and basically distracted myself from life for these 9 minutes even though I’m pretty much always distracted.

My favorite clips.. well I loved all of them, but the most memorable ones would probably be:

The scene where V is following those three little girls on that ledge when they look back like “wtf” and he’s just being a kid; and the scene where Jimin says “beach” and V thinks he said “b*tch” with a very confused look on his face.  Yes, English is hard.  I also loved the pool scene where V deliberately hopped along the pool’s edge; the music made it all the more funny.

All of their dance clips were hilarious too, I seriously can’t cope with myself right now.  I’m dying.  I wish I could watch more videos.  TnT  Whether you were into BTS or not, this video will definitely bring you closer to the band members.

If you haven’t found out, I love watching “behind the scenes” stuff because it really shows more about the members’ personalities and weirdness (in a good way) when they’re not recording music videos.  Of course, their music videos are amazing too! 😀

So tell me in the comments (if you watched the video) your favorite scenes and tell me how much more you love BTS after watching! ;P

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. On a slightly unrelated note, if you’ve noticed I haven’t been super up to date on blogs, nor have I been posting much, I know I was on a break and I said I’d post, but honestly, I’ve still been stressed most of the week because school just seems to think it’s ok to kill us with work.  The only way you’re allowed to kill someone is through fangirling hmph.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yay! Yuki’s 13 now! :O So old!

So I know you’ve had it rough recently, but everything’s leading up to THIS DAY.


So let’s sing a song!

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday dear Yuki~~

Happy Birthday to you!

From the Naruto squad
And from Ichigo
And from the Fairy Tail family!

Happy happy birthday Yuki~chan Bae! 🙂

From V~
From BamBam~
From G-Dragon~

From me~♥♥


생일 축하해

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. Your gift is coined Gianna hair.  It’s 1,050, but I’ll pay you back the gold so you can get it completely free. 😉  Did I mention Happy Birthday?

I’ll Never Leave Your Dreams

Hahaha, it’s Annabeth again!

Miss me? //arches eyebrows

It’s, like, your favorite Pocky-loving Annabethian, ya know, the crazy insane weird lunatic?  I’m sorry, did I creep you out?

What do you want to know about this psycho right here? :]

Ok, enough with the weird stuff.  I’m here, on this K-Poppity, Anime-awesomeness blog!  🙂  So, let’s get past the boring stuff and stalk the stalker get to know more about my fangirl side!

Here’s some anime I’d definitely recommend to you.  🙂 → Warning: some of them might not be the most appropriate for you, but here’s some that I enjoy.

  1. Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) → It’s a personal favorite of mine because it has quite a bit of action and I love the characters.  The art style isn’t my favorite, but we can overlook that.  🙂  The opening songs are really nice too!
  2. Code Geass (And Code Geass R2) → I love all the emotion and thought in this one!  The characters have so much… character!  I get so many feels from this anime.
  3. Fairy Tail → Don’t get mad at me because I picked a popular anime.  It’s popular for a reason.  😉  I really love this show and their sense of family.  The characters are strong and care so much for each other, it invoked me to informally proclaim myself a member.
  4. Ranma 1/2 → Eheheh, slightly perverted, I must admit, but it is hilarious and I really love the relationship development throughout the story.  Looking at the plot, it is an amazing anime that should definitely get more credit!
  5. Tokyo Ghoul → An action-packed, emotional anime!  One of my favorite genres!  Warning: It is quite violent, but past that, I enjoy all the detail and change of the characters’ personalities throughout the series.  🙂

There’s so many more anime that I love, but those would be the top 5 from the top of my head. xP  But moving on to the K-Poppity part of this post! ;P

Some of the most recent songs I’ve listened to and absolutely love! (Don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of GOT7)


Amazing!  I love how upbeat this song is and the beat is really cool!  I just wanna keep moving! 🙂

JJ Project → Bounce

Another upbeat song from GOT7’s Jr. and JB!  I swear, every time I listen to this, I just wanna.. bounce! (Ignore my awful jokes)

BTS – Run

I love the emotion and meaning in all of BTS’s songs!  Of course, lots of K-Pop music has emotion and meaning, but BTS is one of my favorites!

I guess that’s enough for now because I don’t want to waste your time. 😉  Have fun with all of my quirkiness!  I look forward to posting on this blog and meeting a lot of new, fantastic people, as well as saying hi to all the people I already know!  ❤

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥