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-KitKatCarrot’s Note 

This has become a page because….. IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A PAGE!!! I don’t know how I made it a post (lol). Hello there KitKatCarrot here! I made this page so if people wanna advertise there blog, they can! All you do is comment your blog website in the comments, and I can put it up here. Blogs you can check out-

-Chocolatemonstar’s Note

CM, your daily Kpop fangirl here! This is a list of blogs you would be check out. I’m pretty sure you would make some e-friends who have the same interests as you. In order to have your amazing blog link covered with glitter in this list, you just need to comment your blog link (and title!) in the comments section. The admins will put your blog links right here 😉



55 thoughts on “Advertise Your Blog!

  1. Also, could you give me the titles of all the song in the Big Bang playlist?? :3 I love Big Bang and there’re amazing songs in there that I haven’t heard yet.

    Reasons :
    1. It was on your wishlist 😛
    2. I was a bit bored
    Check out
    I’m really bad since I’m a beginner…OH WELL THAT’S LAME OF ME.
    Anyways, thank you!

  3. I do. But I don’t know why everything is in French O.O
    And thank you!!! I’ll let the K-pop topic to you :P. You know much more about it xD. I’ll still make small posts about K-pop (really small).

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