Lets Go!

WOO look at that beautiful fashion statement Cutie and I created, it looks extreme.

After meeting with Cutie on Fantage [which just happened to be fate], I decided to revamp this blog and get it going! I’ll be changing the blog look this week, and writing more posts since it is March Break.

I haven’t exactly been busy the past year, so it looks like you and I will be able to do some bonding 😉

Now I really need to know; what happened since ‘Fantage Confessions’?

+ also stan nu’est, check them out on produce 101 season 2 legit.




17 thoughts on “Lets Go!

  1. woAH,, i don’t play fantage but that is the very epitome of fashion 👌
    i think there was some art contest thing that started drama but idk

  2. woah when did you come back???? it’s been so long dude
    i haven’t been on fantage in so long lol and i dont really follow anymore fantage blogs so i have absolutely no idea what;s going on…
    we should all meet up sometime :’))
    i remember fantage confessions! i remember one time they compared me against piya o_o it was really weird

    1. idek boi i’m kinda lazy to post because im use to typing wITHOUT GOOD GRAMMAR NOW haha
      yes dude we should all hangout on fantage like the old times, it would be fun!
      same; but i dont remember if we ever found out who it was

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