Unpopular K-Pop Opinions: Koreaboos


throwback to 2012 when yeogi butora was the JAM
throwback to 2012 when yeogi butora was the JAM

 If the ANIME fandom has WEABOOS,

 the K-POP fandom has KOREABOOS

  Annyeonghasaeyo, my friends. It’s Chocolatemonstar, the saram who likes BIGBANG oppas and 2NE1 unnies.

no, i’m not a koreaboo… i just wanna be asian!1!!!


Just. Freaking. KOREABOOS.

Before a non-Kpop fan comes up to me and ask what in the world is a Koreaboo, I shall explain this easy for you.

A Koreaboo is a  person who is extremely obsessed with Hallyu-related stuff such as K-Pop, Korean drama, comics and so on.

Hmm… well…

That sounds fine. Nothing dangerous about Koreaboos. They love Korean stuff, just like how Weaboos getting crazy about Japanese stuff.

BUT. Let’s add a bit more details to this definition.

A non-Korean person who is overly obsessed with Korean pop culture, generally to the point of wishing to be re-born as a Korean or make themselves seem more Korean physically or by adopting mannerisms    and speaking habits.

source: (x)

(PPAP voice)

I got a WEABOOw, I got K-Pop. take out the ‘weea’

URGH. Koreaboo.

This is how Koreaboo works. Just imagine a K-Pop fan. No, a hardcore K-Pop fan who likes anything that is related to Korea. Now, imagine this hardcore K-Pop fan screaming random Korean words and wishing that s/he wants to become a Korean.

Yeap. There you go.

Some people might say that Koreaboos are just hardcore K-Pop fans who just really, really like K-Pop, K-Dramas and such. But I kinda disagree with this. Koreaboos are STRAIGHTFORWARD.

KOREA is where they want to go and LIVE in. KOREANS are who they like and what they want to be. KOREAN is what they want to speak. KOREAKOREAKOREA is love.

To be honest, as a Korean, I want to go out and vomit when it comes to “Koreaboos”.

I mean, I really appreciate that there are a bunch of lovely people like my country’s culture but… Sometimes, people do cross the line.

Getting obsessed with a certain nationality, country and… people (not K-Pop idols or Korean actors and actresses, I’m talking about normal citizens).

It’s a bit too much. I don’t know why but I had seen many Koreaboos having this ‘stereotypical’ thought about all Koreans lookin’ good like K-Pop stars and wishing that they would date with Koreans.

Not to mention that they have a HUUUGEE expectation that Korea is a country where rainbows, sparkly unicorns and K-Pop stars walking on the streets exist.

The main reason why I have negative opinions about Koreaboos is that they fetishize Koreans (sometimes Asians in general) and disrespect the Korean culture and country in various racist ways.

Koreaboos are usually pretending to be Koreans by spitting out random Korean phrases or words, but deep inside they have NO actual understanding of the culture or whatsoever.

Unsurprisingly, I feel awfully uncomfortable and disgusted at the fact that there are people trying to sexualize people and disgracing my cultural background.

“I want to date a cute Korean girl!”

“Hah… I want to be a Korean!”

“That Korean guy looks Kim Soo Hyun oppa!!!”

“I wouldn’t mind him because he is KOREAN!”

“I’m going to do some aegyo! Oppa…!”

Stop. Just stop.

Koreans are just Koreans. K-Pop is just K-Pop. Korea is just Korea. Nothing ‘special’ or ‘cute’. No ‘wow’ factors about it.

So PLEASE… I’m going to say this again: JUST STOP. You can be an awesome       K-Pop fan without sexualising people, disrespecting culture and pretending to be a Korean.



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