We Need to Talk About BIGBANG

let’s check out these two LIT songs before reading my stupid post

SKRRRRRTTT. It’s been over a WEEK since BIGBANG released three beautifully crafted new songs (and music videos) to save the K-Pop industry.

When the music videos were first released, I was absolutely determined to write about a blog post about it. But thanks to my extreme procrastination, I forgot about the blog post for weeks and as a result, was under an awfully long hiatus.


Let’s return to our REAL topic.

  • note: I changed my username into ‘oksusu’ (pronunciation: ock-su-su/definition: ‘corn’ in korean). but you guys can still call me cm, oksusu or potato… just whatever you want.

BIGBANG released two music videos and three songs.

Fxxk It (title song): Music Video

A lit song that saved 2K16 K-Pop in the last minute. Believe it or not, dabbing is required if you want to dance to it bigbang still look cool and not cringey when they dab this is unfair why

Unlike Last Dance, it’s more of a ‘hip-hop’ and ‘R&B’ mash up with a sprinkle of electronic beats. Plus, Daesung’s vocals are ASTONISHING in this freaking song and I actually feel that people would start to acknowledge his beautiful-but-underappreciated vocals after listening to ‘Fxxk It’.

As usual, BIGBANG never fails to come up with a good party song and like ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’, the two iconic party songs, ‘Fxxk It’ is absolutely catchy and lit.

Last Dance (title song): Music Video

*tears come out as I try to listen to it’

Surprisingly, Last Dance is not a love song i hate this love song i hate this love song saramdeul Instead, it is about the experiences and journey BIGBANG had to go through for the past ten years. ‘Last Dance’ is dedicated to the fans (VIPs) who had stayed behind BIGBANG’s backs regardless the situation and obstacles they had to face.

It is a seriously amazing song that would make you cry a river and build a bridge over it. I was literally crying in a pool of sadness while listening to ‘Last Dance’ and thinking about the struggles and painful BIGBANG (and VIPs) had to face.

10 years sounds really, really long.

And yes, it is LONG. Long enough for a group of five young teenagers, who had to keep on practicing in awful conditions, to grow up and become one of the best K-Pop artists.

I don’t know how to feel about this song. It is so touching, beautiful and painful to explain it in words.

The last time BIGBANG made a fan song was when they were singing songs like ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008 (… or somewhere around the late 2000’s). The song title was ‘Until Whenever’ and the lyrics were awfully painful but amazing. If I had to compare these two songs together, I would say that ‘Last Dance’ is an upgraded version of Until Whenever and shows how much BIGBANG had changed over time.

p.s) Seungri sounds like a freaking angel here.

Girlfriend: No music video


According to an interview, ‘Girlfriend’ is BIGBANG’s favorite new song.

Anyone could think that ‘Girlfriend’ is a typical love song that features a guy loving his girlfriend. But RING DING DONG THEY ARE WRONG!

As usual, the Kings do not follow the same path as others.

T.O.P had put in an extreme amount of time and effort to write the lyrics and it turns out that he and two other BIGBANG members thought about their fans (VIPs) while they wrote the song.

It would be incorrect to say that ‘Girlfriend’ is a love song since it is sorta dedicated to their fans- just like ‘Last Dance’.

I wanted to keep my explanation about ‘Girlfriend’ short and simple- since I don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys. Unlike ‘Fxxk it’ or ‘Last Dance’, ‘Girlfriend’ doesn’t have a music video (obviously, because it is not a title) but the FREAKIN QUALITY of this FREAKIN SONG would make you understand why it doesn’t need to have a music video.

Four words to summarize this paragraph: Just listen to it.

Which song do you like? Mine is ‘Last Dance’ because it makes me want to tear up whenever I listen to it.

URGH. Thinking about the fact that this will be BIGBANG’s last comeback before they go to military next year. We wouldn’t see them until 2020~2021, which is really depressing.

Now, let’s enjoy the final moments of BIGBANG before it is difficult to see them as a group again.



4 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About BIGBANG

  1. Out of the three new songs they released, Girlfriend is by far my favorite!!! I genuinely feel like they are singing it to me when I listen to that song hahaha!

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