So. It’s me. Chocolatemonstar.

Okay, I sound like the person you had never expected to return but did return.

I’m not sure how I should write this post. It’s been a thousand months (well, it’s not a thousand, but it feels like that) since I had posted something on the Kanimedream blog.

Before I start writing this post (and regretting my choices), I’m going to introduce myself, for all those new followers who do not know me. I’m Chocolatemonstar and I actually was a part of this community before I just vanished into the air without leaving a notice. Back in the olden days, I used to post stuff about K-Pop and stuff about Korean internet culture. But I guess.. it’s all gone (because I deleted it, which is pretty obvious).

Anyway, back onto the topic.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. You know, suddenly vanishing off to La-La land and totally forgetting about my wonderful WordPress friends.

I guess I decided to ‘stop’ using WordPress since June (or July). I don’t know why- but I just did it. I did it because I felt that blogging wasn’t a relevant thing to me anymore. By then, I was starting to use Twitter and most of my time were spent there.

Pretty stupid, I guess. To just randomly abandon my WordPress blog(s) because there were other things that seemed to be much more interesting and.. fun.

Without hesitating, I wiped off everything that was uploaded onto my personal WP blog and the Kanimedreams blog. Which was a huge mistake. To be honest, I nearly deleted my whole WP account!

Thinking about it now, it is one of the stupidest thing I could ever do. Why would I even abandon the place where I had spend freaking four years in?

So I’m back.

Back to the ‘Place Where I Had Spent Four Freaking Years In But Kind of Forgot About It’.

I’m not sure whether I should fully join the Kanimedreams community.. yet. I just feel so sorry for the Great Yuki. I mean, who in the world with the right mind would just randomly disappear and randomly come back? (Well, the answer is: me. And I’m pretty embarrassed).

I’m also clueless with what I should do with my WP blog. I just can’t delete it. That would probably be too painful. I can still remember the 9-Year-Old-Me angrily punching the keyboard to publish a post on WP and drawing the lamest pictures on Microsoft Paint to write a story.

Anyway, I just feel a bit weird writing a post in WP. Such a long time since I bothered to log onto the WP site and do something. I also feel a bit bad to see the Kanimedreams site being inactive (I think I should blame myself for this)…

I mean, Kanimedreams is a wonderful community. I swear it is one of the friendliest communities I had ever stumbled on in the Internet. I rarely get to see such communities like this. Everybody is nearly the same age as me. Everybody has a certain interest, such as Kpop, anime or even games. Everybody is so friendly and really, really nice.

And I just hate myself for leaving a majestic community like this.


  • this post is written with mixed thoughts, regrets and a spoonful of tomato sauce

9 thoughts on “WordPress?

    1. When I was 9 I was pretty stupid and wanted to write a story.. with pictures in it. Turns out that it was the most embarasssing thing I had ever did.

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