I’m Back (?)

Hey, I’m Yuki but you can call me your lover 😉 rip @ your souls. I know I’m hot but please contain yourselfs from all of this~

Wow, great self-intro.

Thanks Nutella for forcing me to come back, but its alright you know I enjoyed the small talk with you (:

Its a bit refreshing writing a post on WordPress after a month (?) And at 1AM ofc, just need an Ice Capp and I’m lovin’ it 😉

I decided to make a post this late, just for an unexpected turn of events which I’m sure you’ll enjoy for a bit~

I missed you guys lots, no reason to lie I enjoy your comments^^

I guess instead of goodbyes for a post, I should start with hello?

I’m back :,)


33 thoughts on “I’m Back (?)

  1. FUDGE YES! Well, I already told you the reason why, so I’m not in the position to welcome you back. XD WHO CARES ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES, THOUGH, WELCOME BACK! ❤

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