Taking a break, bye.



35 thoughts on “Break.

      1. I feel like nobody would care much if I quit, since I haven’t been here for a while… although I still do miss Nutella Bae, and it’s been like 4 months.
        Well, at this point I don’t care if you quit, as long as I can still keep in touch with you. 😉 I don’t even know if I can motivate myself to post or read posts anymore.

      2. I’d care if you quit im being so legit rn, if all my close friends started quitting I’d leave too.
        When Tree and Panda were gonna quit I was gonna quit too, its just a cycle really.
        If I quit I doubt anyone would really care bc as you can see my mood is really bad

      3. I didn’t mean “I don’t care if you quit,” in a rude way, if it came off like that. What I meant is that I’m glad I can still talk to you, even if it’s not through WordPress. I’d probably quit right away if all the people I talked to quit. :\ I haven’t officially quit, but it feels almost as if I have, except for the occasional times I post or read some blog posts….

  1. ah yuki sensei i’ll try to run this blog really hardworkingly but i bet it wouldnt be as good as you do 😦 best wishes!

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