Why Do I Even Try

I bet all of you, each an every one of you, has at least attempted to get one of your friends into your interests… such as anime, K-Pop, and other such things.  Well… I’m no different.

I mean, we all need someone to talk to.  Why not something you find interest in?

I guess it’s not that easy, though.

I’ve tried to talk people into anime and K-Pop, but they’re never willing to listen.  They claim that it’s in another language, so they can’t watch it.  Puh-lease!  How do you think I watch it then?  Haha, I’m not fluent in Japanese or Korean.

Like, I understand that they might not have the same interests as me, but why diss something if you’ve never tried it out?  Lame excuses such as not knowing the language should not exist in this cruel world.

One time, I said, “I like anime and K-Pop.  You should check it out,” my friend’s little brother yelled out, “IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE ASIAN!”



I shouldn’t even try any more.

And then I have this one friend, I was trying to convince him to get into GOT7… You see, he already was a fan of K-Pop (not majorly, but he liked it) and he would not listen to the whole playlist of GOT7 songs I sent him.  Smh.  He called me crazily obsessed….  And then I sent him a whole playlist of BTS songs (he liked BTS more than GOT7) but refused to listen to it, claiming that he had to listen to One Direction.  Seriously!  It broke my heart.  He hasn’t mentioned K-Pop since. ;n;

I shouldn’t even try any more.

LONG STORY SHORT… I should give up on immersing my friends into the world of anime, K-Pop, and many other miraculous things.  I mean… at least I look into something if they suggest it, but nope, they don’t give a second of their time for stuff I suggest.

I’ll just give up on them.

Although… that means I can’t slip anything anime or K-Pop related into conversations… they already think I’m a little TOO obsessed.

Got(7) any other experiences of trying but failing to get a friend to even listen to one thing of your liking?  I (J)hope you’ve had better luck than me!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. Apologies if you found this post useless. 😉


53 thoughts on “Why Do I Even Try

    1. Me: *forces friend to listen to K-Pop*
      Friend: The dance moves are pretty good, but I don’t understand them.
      Me: Why does that matter? Read the subtitles. The message is still the same, and their voices are still beautiful.
      Friend: You’re weird. *changes music*
      Me: *changes back to K-Pop*
      Friend: This music is getting annoying, I’m never listening to it again. *changes music and confiscates device*
      Me: ;A; But why?

      1. Friend: *confiscates device*
        Me: You’re cruel.
        Friend: *goes to bathroom*
        Me: *sneakily changes music*
        Friend: Hey! *kicks me out of room*
        Me: *sings* I am so lonely…. I have nobody…

      2. Friend: *confiscates device*
        Me: Plan B then
        Friend: Wait wha?
        Me: *starts singing random songs and dancing on spot*
        Friend: *gives back* Here here now stop embarrassing me!
        Me: *sings in weird highnote and falls on ground*

      3. Friend: *slowly opens door* Stop singing that.
        Me: *runs into room and aims for device*
        Friend: NO!
        Me: *pushes friend aside* I win!
        Friend: *locks all devices away after putting music onto American songs*
        Me: *sits on friend*
        Friend: Whether you’re on me or not, you won’t get to the music.

        See, I always lose. xD

      4. Friend: Fine, you can listen to ONE K-Pop song.
        Me: Yay!
        Friend: When I walk out of the room.
        Friend: no

      5. Friend: *leaves room while I listen to K-Pop*
        Me: *blasts music really loud*
        Friend: ._. Why did I let her into my house?
        Me: I win!
        Friend: I still don’t like K-Pop.
        Me: Damn, that’s harsh.

      1. I try not to nowadays… problem is I don’t understand about half of their conversations, which is usually dirty-minded and/or drama I’d prefer not to get involved with.

    1. Lol, I think it’s a lot of people’s problems. We should create a revolution. And thanks. xD This is the only community I can actually talk about my fangirl-y side.

      1. they both like anime too
        i would watch but i literally give up on every show after 2 episodes XD
        im leaving them in 3 months bc of different schools 😥

    1. Well, a few of my friends like K-Pop, but I can never talk to them about it because they don’t like it as much as other stuff so refuse to listen to me. I’ve given up on them. XD

      1. Lol i dont listen to the people at my school who like kpop talk about it because they’re all in the new-fangirl-stage where they hang on everything their bias does and deny anything they dont like. Like lol honey. It was a nose job not contouring.

      2. Well, I guess that’d be annoying. I try to talk about the music videos and some behind the scenes stuff, but they seem to not want to hear me even mention anything. xD

  1. yup me too. Some of my friends ask me why do I have a korean guy as my home screen pic ( which is Shinee MInho) on my phone? and sometimes when I’m explaining the story of a korean drama to a friend they sometimes change the conversation….urghhhhhhh

    1. My friends usually tell me that the only reason I’m into K-Pop and anime is because I’m Asian. -.- And when I try to put it into a conversation, they usually just ignore me or change the subject.

  2. It’s almost impossible that you get someone into K-pop unless they decide to do it by themselves AND are open minded. I know I’m kind of (okay I am) obsessed with K-pop but if someone suggests me something, I’ll watch it, and not only one song.
    And that boy : “because she’s Asian” like tf. Sorry but it just doesn’t make sense. :^(

  3. ffffff same
    my friend and i were video chatting and i showed her this anime called Death Parade, and we watched the first episode together and i told her to finish it or else i’ll kill her
    a few days later i asked if she finished it and she was like “oh yeah i finished it!” and i asked her what was her favorite couple who got reincarnated/sent to void etc and she was like “ohh idk… well i gtg to class bye”

    1. Haha, my friends are brutally blunt, a little too brutal to be honest. All they say is that anime is stupid or that it’s weird. Like, I don’t understand… that’s hardly an excuse to not even try watching it, because I know they haven’t seen even one episode. xD

  4. A classmate of mine is super obsessed with anime, all I have to do now is introduce her to mister Osomatsu,,,,and boom, trash!

  5. I like k-pop though I’m not in the fandom. I have a best friend who loves it and she fangirls about it with another friend. I occasionally join them just because I know k-pop. We managed to get 1 friend into anime and now she really likes it.

    1. Haha, at least you gave it a try. My friends don’t even consider listening to one song of K-pop or watching one episode of an anime. They automatically deemed it awful because it’s in a different language and therefore refuse to give it a try. xP It’s cool that you managed to convince someone to give it a try. 😉

  6. I had something that kinda worked happen….
    I was showing my friend Call Me Baby because she saw people dance to Growl at her ballet class once…
    I was like wynaut
    And she ended up getting it stuck in her head AHAHAHAHA
    But she’s not a fan
    I still thought it was funny tho

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