An Eventful Day

Reality hits you the moment you realize you have school; yet the part that makes it worse is barely falling asleep on the sofa, and now I have to get up? Oh well.

In my first four classes (since we had the same teacher) our teacher came late, and it turned out to be our ‘favourite’ supply teacher. Favourite as in a teacher who lets us talk and stuff (even though we always do). I don’t like supplies just because the one girl in my group leaves, a guy sits and I’m the only girl left.

As some said I could’ve just left the group but… I’m such a gr8 student.

After Lunch (skipping because lunch was boring)

I HAD MATH. The guy beside me was showed me the assumption song (don’t watch it) and then he watched this spiderman vine. Watch neither please, it’ll do your eyes well… Honestly the assumption song is hillarious, if your nasty minded you’ll understand the whole thing, but I’m no, I didn’t get it omg. It was still funny though ^-^ (shoot I think I just saw a spark of lighting what)

Two of my friends (my old french seating buddies) tricked me. I actually believed goozepoop was a person, when they said to search it up I actually did. This just shows how gullible I am.

After was Art and the Art teacher made the Art test a day earlier! Honestly I’m telling you that half the class failed, half didn’t even pass the open book test (I got one wrong huehuehue) but anyways I hope I did well in the test. I already know 5 kids cheated, 2 I wouldn’t even suspect.

Then we had French and me and my two friends from before were still laughing at the things from math. Wow.

OKAY. Then after school at the lockers this guy called another girl cute, and I being the nice person I am told her what he said cause he said it quietly but I was joking legit (even doe he actually said it) and he slammed me (like those football tackles) to my lockers. People around were like ‘OOH HE HIT A GIRL!!’ and the girl was like ‘Yuki hits really hard’ but whats worse is that I took my lock and started hitting him with it.

I’m pissed at the fact that he pushed me against the lock in the first place. I might sound selfish but no one there, not even my friends asked neither one of us if we were okay (when he pushed me and I hit him).

It sorta pisses me off when it someone elses problem, people try and solve it for probably half the time, and then they state that I’m the one being over-dramatic.

I don’t consider myself over-dramatic when my so-called ‘friends’ or ‘best friends’ treat my problems like shit. I’ve had worse ones but they listen and tell you to stop talking about it or online they just leave you on read.

When someone talks about a problem it’s like the whole world revolves around them, but when it comes to be its a simple left on read and then “Stop taking out your anger on them.” or “You’ll regret what you said.” and no I won’t because I don’t want you damned shit okay. I consider you a best friend, yet you consider my problems over-dramatic. Later others just saying “Ily Yuki” while I’m just here like do you not see what my damned mood is?

Done with legit everything.



10 thoughts on “An Eventful Day

  1. Wow
    School sucks some times (majority of the time tbh) but it’s ok at times…ish
    Hope you feel better

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