Introducing myself

Hello, Davi again! So I am an author as well on this lovely blog. As an author I feel that I should properly introduce myself to you lovely followers.


So, my name is Davi. I am 13 years old. My birthday is December 9th. I have a older half-sister, younger brother and a mom and dad. My dad, mom and half sister is from Guyana. My brother and I are from NY. I am extremely attached to my dad. uhhhhhh what else?


I love:

  • pizza
  • cookie n cream
  • creepypasta
  • transformers
  • hello kitty
  • lab rats
  • once upon a time
  • dogs
  • wolves
  • cats
  • kitties
  • grilled cheese
  • kpop
  • got7
  • mark tuan
  • jay park
  • amber liu
  • yezi
  • jessi
  • anything black and white or pastel pink or red
  • cuddling
  • writing short stories
  • and anyone/thing that interest me 🙂





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