Je Suis Une Pizza/Only Childs

TODAY I HAD PIZZA AND SPRITE! I’m hyped at the fact I had sprite, mmm so spiritual. But each time I have pizza I always get that song stuck in my head, and I sing it to others. When I do they ask me what I’m saying as I reply this was a song from grade 1 :>

Well anyways adding more onto this post I was talking with a friend and he said it must be lucky to be an only child, as I said nope. It’s basically like a stereotype saying that only child’s are spoiled and get everything they want which is in fact not true.

Maybe some are able to get a lot because they have parents with a lot of money but an only child does not have the pitch perfect life.

Some only child’s could be lonely because of various reasons, one of them being not having a sibling.

Some only child’s might like the quietness in the house and like how it is but it’s for their own preference, and I get sick and tired of hearing I hate my siblings from those who have them because you should be grateful enough to even HAVE siblings.

I’d trade places with you anyday 😉

Well anyways this is the chat I had with my friend:

Me: I’m so lonelyy

Him: Go hug a pillow

Me: It’s on a date with blanket 😉

This whole post was about my pillow going on a date with my blanket now bye



19 thoughts on “Je Suis Une Pizza/Only Childs

  1. I’m a middle kid and I don’t hate my siblings, yet I usually like quiet surroundings (not so quiet, but a surrounding with only a few people).

    I wouldn’t like being an only child cuz I’ll have no one to talk too. Instead you have us! 😀

  2. I don’t understand the video, but aside from the point, there are many pros and cons to having a sibling (lol that sounds a bit cruel, but it’s true). Although, I’m glad to have a sibling, because whether I like to admit it or not, life would be scary without her, and I can’t imagine growing up without another child in the house. xD

  3. je suis une pizza
    avec du fromage
    beaucoup de sauce
    des tomates
    des onions
    des champignons
    épices mélangées
    je suis une pizza
    rêve d’la manger
    je suis une pizza
    pas d’anchoires?
    froni boloni? 😮

    okay i’m tired, well there are some lyrics xD

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