IntroStep Episode 8 : Special Episode on Junior & BamBam

introstepI’m your host Yuki and I’m back, and better then ever for this special episode! Thank you Chimi for requesting this as I’ll start this special 🙂

Today I will be talking about two of GOT7’s members (which you can find out more about here), which is Junior and BamBam! Instead of giving some facts on them, I’ll be giving a minimum of 10!

1.) Park Jin Young

GOT7 Junior

Stage Name: Junior

Previous Stage Name: Jr (Jr was changed to Junior on May 20th, 2015)

Birthday: September 22, 1994

Current International Age (March 2016): 21

-Facts on Junior-

1.) Junior was in the drama ‘My Love Eun Dong’, as the younger version of the Main Character.

From DramaFever
From DramaFever

2.) Jackson has once said that Junior is a negative person.

3.) Junior made the entire choreography of ‘Follow Me’

4.) His Ideal Type for a girl is a girl who believes and him (and) a girl who shows her teeth when she smiles.

5.) In the GOT7 dorms he has a room to himself.

6.) He has two older sisters, which is the reason when he was younger he played with dolls more then toys.

7.) Junior made the ‘Just Freeze’ dance move from ‘Just Right’


8.) Junior is the mom of GOT7

9.) The other members of GOT7 voted that Junior is the cutest member

10.) Junior and JB tied first place in the 2009 auditons.


2.) Kunpimook Bhuwakul

got7 bambam

Stage Name: BamBam

Birthday: May 2nd, 1997

Current International Age (March 2016): 18


1.) One of BamBam’s nicknames is the ‘King of Fanservice’

2.) BamBam likes it if a girl wears yellow. He states he’d love it if fans came to meet him wearing yellow

3.) One time BamBam was sick, the other members ate Thai food to make him feel better

4.) BamBam and SHINee’s Key texted each other often but didn’t call each other until GOT7 went on ‘A Song For You 4’

5.) BamBam wrote the rap for ‘Everyday’

6.) The members of GOT7 choose BamBam as the member who looks different when at home and when outside

7.) BamBam wants to be called handsome instead of cute

8.) BamBam’s favourite food is Cheeseburgers

9.) BamBam is in the Makane (youngest) line of GOT7 (he is the second youngest)

10.) BamBam’s mom is a fan of K-pop (Rain)


Pictures/Gifs of Junior:

JuniorJunior got7 (1)Junior (2) Junior GOT7 (1)Junior GOT7 GOT7 Junior

Pictures/Gifs of BamBam:

BamBam 2BamBam 3BamBam 1BamBam 4BamBam 5BamBam got7




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