My Morning on Break

Basically what I do in the morning is so complex.

Sleep. How? Because during the “morning” I’m asleep! The time I woke up today was around 12PM, so it’d be considered noon right? Yet I just stayed in bed for an hour, browsing the internet even though its bad when you just wake up, right? Oh well.

But anyhoo I left my ‘comfy’ bed around 1pm, ate a banana and got on here, and thus I’m currently writing this post.

I’ll write a better post later, when my brains functioning better, so after I have “breakfast” which will turn out to be lunch, but as I always say.. Swag 🙂

*one hour later*

Yep brain is functioning, next post is about anime 😀

I’ll be hosting a either today or tomorrow, I’ve been inspired




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