Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be posting. Don’t get on me for that.

But anyways, I wanted to get some recommendations for different K-Pop, J-Pop, any pop artists/groups as well as some K-Drama.

So you’ve all probably know I’ve loved GOT7 for a long time, and that it’s been my favorite band since the beginning.  Trust me, I love other groups as well, but GOT7 seems to top them all, and I find it hard to NOT listen to at least a few of their songs every day.

So I’m still sorta-kinda-not-really new to K-Pop.  I’ve been into it for a while, but… I haven’t quite gotten myself obsessed with very much.  OF COURSE I still love K-Pop, but I’d like to know some really good other bands.  Even if it’s not K-Pop.

But getting back on track, I don’t actually know a lot of bands.  So in the comments below, I’d appreciate learning some new K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, Mando-Pop, whatever bands so I can begin a new phase of fangirling lol.

As for K-Drama, I know Yuki’s talked about it quite a bit, but I’ve actually never watched any.  She makes it seem interesting, so I thought I’d try it out.  Although I’m not sure what to start with.

Right now the only things I ever watch are anime and Fuller House I have no life so I want to add some K-Drama to my list. 😉  Thanks Yuki for introducing me to Korean media. xP

So any suggestions?  Leave them below, I’d love to hear from the people who most likely listen to/watch more Korean media than I do because I’m a total noob.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


19 thoughts on “Recommendations?

  1. Exo and BTS are my favorite k-pop groups (male)
    Other good female groups are 4minute and 2NE1 (although I think they’ve stopped)
    A good k-drama that I really enjoyed is called Ex-girlfriend club and main chanacter is Song hi Hyo. The drama is like a modern day comedy/romance

      1. //did you think that BTS also meant “Behind the scenes” when you first heard of them too or no

      2. When I first heard of them, I didn’t really think it was an acronym but now every time I see “BTS” and it’s supposed to mean “back to school” or “behind the scenes” I get extremely disappointed that it’s not “Bangtan Boys” lol.

  2. if you want non k-pop bands then you can listen to
    5sos, all time low, the 1975, twenty one pilots, p!atd, with confidence, ghost town, good Charlotte, falling in reverse, fall out boy, sleeping with sirens, and black veil brides

  3. Ohhhh man.

    Kpop: Exo, BTS, SEVENTEEN, Day6, Twice, Apink, Vixx, Infinite, Girls Generation..

    Jpop: NANA MIZUKI AJSKFJSKJDJDJF. And try vocaloid c:

    Kdrama- So far, Ive only watched Moorim School and Exo Next Door(if you even count this as a kdrama lol)

    Do you watch Fresh Off the Boat or Once Upon a Time??

    Ask me about anything lol 👍

    1. I listen to a ton of Vocaloid stuff lol. 😉 And thanks for the recommendations!
      I’ve heard of Fresh Off the Boat and once Upon a Time, but I never watched many episodes.

      1. Fresh Off the Boat defines the life of a Chinese person.
        Once Upon a Time is pretty good, but Kdrama destroyed my life and because the thing that filled the hole in my interests (partially because Once Upon a Time hasn’t aired for like 3 months haha. It’s returning next week though!!)
        Ntense fangirling = read fanfics about your biases
        Oh my, what has happened to my life in only 6 months!?

      2. I think my sister watched Fresh Off the Boat, and then my mom saw one episode and deemed it “racist” then didn’t let us watch it. Even though I’m 14. ;n;
        And I saw like 2 episodes of Once Upon a Time (I think it was when it had Elsa in it?) but I never got into the series because my sister kept watching stuff without me and confusing me.
        Anime ruined my life, quickly drawing me in to the point where it became the only thing I ever watched for quite a few years. XD

  4. Kpop:
    Female: SNSD, 4Minute, 2ne1, missA, CL (alone), Taeyeon (alone), Apink, AOA, BoA (solo), TWICE, ORANGE CARAMEL
    Mando-Pop: Luhan, Tao
    Kdrama: You should watch Heirs, Playful Kiss, Boys over Flowers, Twenty Again, Dream Knights,
    KREALITY: You should watch Ready Go: MONSTA X (think that’s the name), Astro OK Ready, Roommates (Jacksons in season 2), Weekly Idol, After School Club

  5. Kpop: Shinee, EXO, f(x)

    if you love VIXX, the theme song of “Moorim School” is so addictive.

    Kdrama: Twenty Again, Cheese in the Trap, Descendants of the Sun and Signal

  6. K-Pop: EXO, Mamamoo, APink, Teen Top (if you like GOT7, I think you’d like Teen Top), VIXX, SNSD, AOA, iKON, ASTRO, Monsta X, IU, Jo Kwon, missA, Check out missA Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun’s Dream, Infinite, Zion.T, 4Minute, Super Junior, Winner, BTS. (Also please listen to Baekhyun’s Beautiful from EXO Next Door’s OST it’s like the best song ever created or maybe not bc I’m just Baekhyun biased)

    C-Pop: Luhan, Tao, Wu Yifan

    As for K-Dramas, I’ve only watched a few but they have been good ones. So I recommend I Remember You, The Time I’ve Loved You, EXO Next Door (if you’re trying to get into EXO, this is a great short webdrama and it’s really funny too) and Choco Bank 🙂

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