One-Shot: Mangos. A Royal Beauty Who Loves Mangoes

*Another One-Shot because Mangos wanted to call people peasants*

This is about a girl named Mangos. But there is something different about her from others. Unlike others Mangos is actually smart unlike those who she refers to as “D-Class” for Disposable Class aka trash peasants.

Shes talented and she’ll become the Princess of USA, even if Trump becomes President. Why? Well you see Mangos is born from Royalty, so you could basically say she’s been living a spoiled life being able to call people peasants and making them bow down to her.

But one day after a certain encounter, something happens…

(Mangos POV)

“I ASKED FOR BUBBLE TEA NOT MILK TEA!” I said as I dumped the tea on the maids head. I mean, I repetitively told her its BUBBLE TEA and yet she still isn’t able to work her pea sized brain. Gosh, why am I so perfect?

“I-I’m sorry Princess…” The maid said as she went to make me bubble tea. She better not “forget” the tapioca because who does she think she is? Some low-status twig is making a mistake in front of ME.

“I’ll be heading out for a walk.” I said as my maids gave me the perfect clothes that matched the weather.

Made with Polyvore

Well the outfit was expensive, I mean y’all gotta know that I’m rich.

As I was walking around using my iPhone, I carelessly bumped into a male youth, around my age…

“Watch where you are going!” I demanded before continuing my walk.

But suddenly the youth tapped my shoulder.

“Excuse me ma’am…” His voice quivered. “May you donate some money for me and my friends… It’s for our shelter” He looked up, and man he had a handsome face.

“Why sh-

“Please…” His blue eyes were desperate.

“Alright.” I stated before handing him a $100 bill. That isn’t a lot right?

“Thank you for your generosity! I’d like to give you this!” He handed me a bag and then ran off waving.

As I opened the bag I saw ripe mangoes, so I decided to go to the bench to have a snack.

“What’s the big deal with mangoes…” I thought before delicately eating a mango.


From that day one I found out that I had only one happiness aside from being able to push people around… And that was mangoes.

The end.


Well I hope you liked it Mangos 😉



22 thoughts on “One-Shot: Mangos. A Royal Beauty Who Loves Mangoes

  1. Amazing! 😀
    Dude, It’s BUBBLE TEA, not MILK TEA! Get it right! You have to add the tapioca!
    If Trump becomes president, can she sentence him to beheading or something?

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