BTS Fangirl Alert

So recently I watched this video.  It’s about 9 minutes long, so you can watch it or not, but if you do, you’ll probably die.  It’s so funny and cute. 😉

It’s a compilation of clips of BTS when they’re not making videos.  🙂  Mostly based around Kim Taehyung (V) with many quirky moments.  I couldn’t switch tabs and basically distracted myself from life for these 9 minutes even though I’m pretty much always distracted.

My favorite clips.. well I loved all of them, but the most memorable ones would probably be:

The scene where V is following those three little girls on that ledge when they look back like “wtf” and he’s just being a kid; and the scene where Jimin says “beach” and V thinks he said “b*tch” with a very confused look on his face.  Yes, English is hard.  I also loved the pool scene where V deliberately hopped along the pool’s edge; the music made it all the more funny.

All of their dance clips were hilarious too, I seriously can’t cope with myself right now.  I’m dying.  I wish I could watch more videos.  TnT  Whether you were into BTS or not, this video will definitely bring you closer to the band members.

If you haven’t found out, I love watching “behind the scenes” stuff because it really shows more about the members’ personalities and weirdness (in a good way) when they’re not recording music videos.  Of course, their music videos are amazing too! 😀

So tell me in the comments (if you watched the video) your favorite scenes and tell me how much more you love BTS after watching! ;P

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. On a slightly unrelated note, if you’ve noticed I haven’t been super up to date on blogs, nor have I been posting much, I know I was on a break and I said I’d post, but honestly, I’ve still been stressed most of the week because school just seems to think it’s ok to kill us with work.  The only way you’re allowed to kill someone is through fangirling hmph.


6 thoughts on “BTS Fangirl Alert

  1. I’ve watched this!!!!!!!!!!!! its roflmao funny!! Jimin definitely was trolling V! poor Taehyung he was oblivious to the joke!! Have you watched the american hustle episodes?? And yes behind the scenes are so much better than the videos (no kidding) they re a lot more personal!

    1. Haha everyone should love it whether they’re a K-Popper or not! XD I haven’t watched a lot of BTS behind the scenes and talk show videos yet because I’m getting less time to do stuff like that, but I was (and still am) in a GOT7 phase (although I still love BTS)! xP

  2. IVE WATCHED THIS SO MANY TIMES!! HoSHEOk and I say that around school everyday XD… One of my favorite clips is when V and Jungkook were on ASC, and they got to be MC’s.. V (with his busted English) tries to say “sit down”, and but ends up saying “SHIT DOWN! SHIT DOWN!”

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