Why I Didn’t Post Yesterday

Why? I have a reason, yes a reason. A reason that makes you not want to sprinkle holy water on yourself… Okay maybe you do 🙄

I GOT THE BTS ALBUM AS A GIFT FROM MY MOM!!! In it had the CD and a PHOTOALBUM of BTS. That card you see there has all their signatures. 

Some people only get a picture of one member of BTS on the front and that one members signature big on the back and the other members signature small, but I got all the members with all their signatures the same size so I somewhat feel lucky 🙂

I’m too lazy to take a picture of the front sorry.

But anyhow remember how I said I’d been getting bad luck? Well actually this is practically the reason why I didn’t post.

Me and my mom got lost in the dark -.-

No seriously, we took the wrong way and we came home at around 9pm. 

But anyhow I love the gift I got it’s absolutely beautiful. And I DO NOT apologize to the people I fangirled to. Yes, you know who you are 💁🏻

Also if there are any mistakes it’s due to the fact I’m quickly writing this post on a mobile device.



20 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Post Yesterday

    i want an album but i dont have any r.i.p

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