One-Shot : Anna. Too Smart For Y’all

*I’m using the last person in my notification when I first started writing this, who happens to be Anna (2016-02-21), if you’d like me to remove your name then please let me know in the comments. This story is pure fiction*

Anna. She was a quiet girl… More like the complete opposite.

She was a typical high school girl who was smart and liked judging people of a lower status or IQ, calling them peasants due to their stupidity, which Anna found amusing. She thought that life was a game, and she always had to stay at the top because if she didn’t… Oh she didn’t want to think what would happen then.

But there was one thing that amused her the most. Pokemon. 

Anna thought that a lot of Pokemon characters looked well (just read this) so she liked judging them.

Now lets get to the real story.

(Anna’s Point of View)

Hi. I’m Anna, but you can call me your majesty because I’m that awesome 😉

I’ve always wondered why the guy who created Pokemon, ACTUALLY DREW THE CHARACTERS THAT WAY. I mean… Like I’d tell you but you’d probably not even understand what I’m going to say :>

“ANNA! GIVE ME THE ANSWERS TO THE MATH HOMEWORK!!!” Lacy, another peasant who didn’t even make the Top 50 ran to me. “PLEASE!!! I’LL GIVE YOU… LUNCH MONEY!” Ah this is why I loved peasants.

And that is what happened on a daily basis, I got free lunch money which I didn’t even use, and these commoners got answers to easy homework. Ah~ I’m so smart.

*The Next Day*

It was a beautiful morning, not a single drop of snow in sight. Just perfect. Well that is what I assumed until I met with my beloved friend Emily, who actually has a reasonable IQ.

“Konnichiwa Anna. Your outfit is sugoi kawaii!” Oh yes. Emily was a Weeaboo. That’s why she liked keeping Emily near her, so she could internally laugh at how stupid Emily sounded. “OH I HAVE SCIENCE WITH MR.HIKARI, HEHE HE IS SO KAWAII.” She ran off. Our teachers name wasn’t even Mr.Hikari is was Mr.Hilkan but she liked the fact is sounded like Hikari so lets not complain here.

Today I had no classes so I decided to walk around listening to music until

Thump!  I hit an ugly tree losing conscious and next thing you know…

I wake up seeing Pikachu beside me.

And that’s when I thought I was psycho. (aka dreaming)


Meep. I know, worst ending right there but let me just tell you I was bored when I wrote the first 200 words 😛



I use to have that Pokemon card… Until it got wet ;A;


26 thoughts on “One-Shot : Anna. Too Smart For Y’all

  1. oh god i wished that life was mine
    i’d definitely give people answers to their math homework for lunch money how accurate
    and i’d definitely stay around a weeaboo friend just to make fun of her in my mind
    glorious 9/10 (i would have said it in a different manner)

  2. I want lunch money for doing easy homework. Too bad, cuz reality doesn’t work that way for me. And I read the weaboo part, and first cringed that the person was named after me, quickly cringing at the use of weeb language (ok I admit I was a pretty bad weeb in my early years) but anyways… that story was cool lol. Even though I’m reading it kinda late.

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