Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me, I’m a hundred and three

I smell like a donkey

Happy birthday to me.

YEP TODAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2016 IS MY BIRTHDAY. Thank you for sending me the birthday wishes ❤ I’m surprised you sent it before I posted ;A;


At school I got birthday beating from my friends, also my hand got graffiti on it :O

And I found out my mom will be with me today.. YAY!!! We’ll be going to a Japanese Buffet later on today, and later this week we will go to this mall that sells K-Pop so I hope I’ll get some merch.!

Thank you Blizzy, Annabeth, EH and Mumbo for the gifts ❤ and all of you for the cake 😀





63 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

      1. Congrats! I bet you’ve grown like a bunch of inches, but I grew 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000.1 cenimeters XD
        HAPPY B-DAY
        I hope your day is nice
        You’re beautiful like Cinderella,
        just without the mice.
        I love you with my heart
        And go shop for some Pocky and put it in your cart

        You’re face is probably like “tf?” XD

  1. omgeeee
    i didn’t do you a birthday post… I feel guilty ;-;
    i’ll get to it if i finish hw and my other stuff for school ;-;

  2. Happy Birthday!

    As far as merch goes, just be wise about it! I had a phase where I bought a bunch of clothing and now idk what to do with it lol. Like the EXO logo is fine because you can still wear that in a few years and no one will question it because they won’t know what it is unless they listen to kpop. So’s the Infinite logo. But if you get something with like, idk, a tshirt with all the member’s faces on it, you’re probably not going to wear it in a few years, trust me.
    So just be wary! Take it from an old kpopper lol.

    Happy Birthday, again! ❤

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