Very Small Contest Winner(s)

Fantage Marianna

Marina, you’ve GOT to stop having a tie with people.

  1. Out of this list of kpop artists which three do I prefer the most? Seventeen, BTS, T ARA, GFriend, Nu’est, CLC, Block B, iKon, SNSD.
    1. GFriend, Nu’est, Seventeen (Though I love Block B, T ARA, and CLC so that was a trick question, you’re welcome) ((BTS and iKon were extreme trick questions because I don’t like either group.))
  2. What is my college major? (Any generalization of the field counts.)
    1. Science, more specifically geology.
  3. What year did I get my drivers licence? 2016, 2015, 2014?
    1. 2015
  4. How much do you think I was willing to pay to see Day6 in USD? (An actual estimation not something like ‘A million dollars!’)
    1. Exact amount I paid for two tickets: $383.00 The amount my friend paid for my extra ticket: $200. So roughly $400-600.
  5. How many Day6 members are in the picture I use…

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