How My Thursday Went

I wrote this yesterday, but I’m publishing it today.

We had a spirit day where you had to wear either pink, red or white for valentines day. And yes, I got all the colours and yet it seems like I had the most ‘spirit’ 😛

Classes went by fast in the first half. I remember asking my friend if she knows ‘Boom Shakalaka’ and she’s like:
“Yeah its from Fantastic Baby.” I am so proud of you friend~

Lunch was boring. I insisted on staying inside with the people I’m usually with since we were aloud to and I somewhat regret it ;A;

Literally hated it. I used music to block their conversations. They are legit right beside each other screaming. Reason why?

*insert somewhat hateful me here*

One girl was pulling a prank on my friend by secretly giving her a note that said “I love you my baby girl (insert idiotic heartu)” And they’re screaming saying that the person who ‘sent’ that note is a guy that my friend hates.

Do you know how annoying it is for someone to scream when they are right beside you? I felt like a piece of trash, all of their eyes on my friend having fun with their so called prank, which I did not find funny in any way.

I barely put any attention into their conversations escaping into music universe listening to ‘Fun Boys’ by BTS on repeat, thinking I was in an actual fun environment when I was actually stuck at Lunch with people I can’t stand.

I couldn’t wait for lunch to end.

*insert somewhat calm me; since I’m almost always calm here*

We had a math test, I ACED IT //smirk//

The only hard question was the last one and my teacher said it himself. He said its extremely hard for anyone in my grade.

I hope I prove you wrong ^-^

But I made a slight mistake, but not really.


We had Art. During Art my group was practicing for presenting our speeches in French.

Luckily I got a good grade, that was the main highlight of my day.

Also CutieCakey, yes I added a ‘Y’ made my day because she is hella awesome so y’all should like follow her okay? OKAY?




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