Report Cards

Just a while ago, I got my report cards!! I was really nervous on what I’d get because they were doing percentages this time around.

Honestly I did better then I expected, I did great! I was worried about getting a 60% but I got high marks, always more then a 70% so I got A’s and B’s.

As expected the class I got the lowest (still good) grades on History. My highest classes were ‘The Arts’, Science, Math & French. I got around 80 or more in those classes (also Language but still)

I’ve always thought language was my worst class but nope, I did well on it. :O

I see why Kris (Former EXO-M Leader) hated performing the song History by EXO… WELL HE HATES HISTORY!!!

History is not my favourite subject but I like it better then… Lunch 😛

Have fun listening to ‘History’ Korean and Chinese version..





10 thoughts on “Report Cards

  1. On 1st semester I got a 94%, Not a great grade IMHO but oh well, I will try harder ;; w ;;
    and congrats 😀 hope you get better grades next time, I’m rooting for you!

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