A Wonderful. Magical. Friday?

I realized I didn’t make a post yet, probably because CM made one earlier. I like workers, when they post I don’t need to worry about not posting 🙂

Anyhow my day was good in the first half, we went to the library and we didn’t complete it but we were making these cool heart Valentines Day cards.

We were suppose to choose a partner from our group (mine was all girls) and I didn’t choose my partner, she choose me :O

I told everyone we should decide on groups/partners and shes like:

“I’m with K-Pop.” And me and her both like Ariana Grande so I call her Ari so I’m like:

“Okay Ari ;)” And somehow I saw one girl pout, aww I’ll teach you how to pout okay~ (just kidding)

Now I’m a bit weird (well really weird..) but not in the weird way. When I’m with one of my friends group of friends, I tend to be really quiet like normally in class I’m weird to an alien from Spaces level. But when I’m with her group of friends I end up being quiet to the point its like I’m not there.

I’m like that with her friends because usually when I meet a person I become comfortable around them easily but somehow it didn’t happen like usual.

Anyhow she realized that I return to normal after lunch (I hope you guys somehow understand why I dislike lunch) but this time I didn’t really, I guess you could say I stayed quiet, but not invisible quiet I just kept my taking minimum.

I don’t exactly seem to fit in with them, they swear a ton, I swear but I don’t go shouting the ‘f’ word at people like one of her friends or do I start talking about people that others in that group don’t know; like some nor do I like big groups of ‘friends’ together, like others.

I guess in Lunch I started thinking deeply about this whole situation and stuff after a few things happened.

1 – Chocolates

Okay this wasn’t really a big factor or anything, I didn’t care much but I found it rude.

There is this thing at school where you pay like 50 cents (not the rapper) and the student council give out your card and chocolate to the student you’re buying it for.

And this one girl in the group had an extra, and she wasn’t sure who to give it to until she suddenly said “I’ll give it to ___” and then after a while I look at hers and she didn’t write my name down in the card.

I’m not mad, I just find it rude. You say you’ll give it to someone and then you change your mind. Ain’t that nice

2.) Normal Friend Activities

You know how friends take pictures together, or do you know friend stuff?

I was walking around with that group, you know looking off into the playground when I saw people doing what friends normally do together: Laugh, play games, take pictures, smile, etc

Then I look at the people I was with.

One girl asked some girl to take a picture of all of them excluding 2, including me.

I mean the other girl doesn’t like taking pictures but I was sitting beside you in lunch too you know, was I seriously a walking stick or something?

Yesterday this group I was in played a game with these elastic things. Me and one girl didn’t have one and yet they still played the game. I find it unfair, because not everyone got to play.

The same girl asked me if I could take her picture with two others, and luckily I was disrupted from taking the picture [swag powers activate]

So I stayed quiet for the rest of the day.

The girl (friend) kept asking me whats wrong, I didn’t want to say:

“Oh whenever I’m with your friends I feel like I’m slowly drowning.” Or something ridiculous like that which makes her say why are you sad for something stupid, which I’d doubt she’d say.


One of my friends (who sits beside me in Math) had my phone number and she called me.

I told her what was going on, because she also noticed so when she called me she was like

“Now tell me whats wrong.” And can I just say shes literally the second FRIEND I have saved on my phone. I know. Sad life.

Our conversations went well after that and she was really nice, I’m glad I’m her ‘friend’


Sorry for an almost 800 worded post.

*Short Note Twins Day may be cancelled due to lack of participants*


Run V


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