How To Annoy Me PT 1

I’m making this have parts because someday I might just make another post on this B-)

  • Come up to my face/message me and be like “K-POP SUCKS” Every. Single. Day. (which actually happens to me. Like in gym I stole his basketball because of how annoying this gets)
  • Just insult the unibrow…
  • Be that one annoying k-pop fangirl who keeps going on and on about their bias…
  • Suddenly have a mood swing or a change of tone.
  • Repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • Talk about a person I don’t know and when I ask them who it is they say “No one.” or just give no basic detail.
  • People talking about how much they hate their siblings

And~ That’s just some!




6 thoughts on “How To Annoy Me PT 1

  1. i feel bad about your eyebrows tbh
    like nowadays they’re really made fun of when it’s just natural and all
    we girls have to have thick eyebrows in a particular shape
    it’s strange

    1. In ancient Greece and Rome, unibrows were considered attractive and beautiful, if women didn’t have one, they would often draw more eyebrows to create one

      1. Yep
        Women were also considered deformed versions of men and round and curvy bodies were considered very attractive/ideal body type that most women strived for since it was a sign of wealth at that period in time (not stating that it isn’t attractive anymore or anything)

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