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fantagian anime

Hey guys, I’m Yuki, the new edition of Fantagian Anime but I’ll be setting the mood in a swaggy way, since I’ve got that swag 😉

I’ll tell you some facts about me now 😀

  • I love Ice Cream, Seafood, Pocky, Seaweed, Kebab, Meat, Chicken, Sushi and More!
  • I love music ❤ (K-POP)
  • I love anime 😀
  • The last animes I watched was One Piece & Naruto and that was yesterday!
  • My fantage username is kagami4me, and Kagami came from the anime ‘Lucky Star’
  • Swag, Swag, Swag
  • Kawaii, Kawaii, Kawaii
  • Gwiyomi, Gwiyomi, Gwiyomi
  • Those three words are used daily 😀

Bye~ ❤



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