[SOTD] VIXX – Chained Up

The song is pretty awesome! The 6 have amazing vocals!

Fun Fact: I found out about this group through Wattpad.

I’m serious, I didn’t even know the group and I just saw a Wattpad story that was about VIXX and-

Bam! Loved the story, searched up the group and got into them.

I’ve liked them for a long time now, I guess I’ve never mentioned it haha, VIXX is a great group.

VIXX is a 6-member group which consists of Hyuk (Makane), N (Leader/Eldest Member), Leo, Ken, Ravi and Hongbin (Face of Group)

VIXX has also appeared on the popular K-Drama ‘Heirs’

Hope you guys like the song! 😀 (And random facts)



*Still has no idea what to post about*

*The picture is N*




5 thoughts on “[SOTD] VIXX – Chained Up

      1. Yay 😀 !! It’s probably my favourite (or at the top spots) kdrama beacuase it’s so cute! The beginning might be weird but persevere and you’ll see another ray of sunlight XD .

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