I. Hate. These. Posts.

*Rant. Don’t come here to argue*

I’ve come to a point where I hate seeing these types of posts to a point I’ll be swearing a ton in my head, wishing to receive a more thought out post. I know why people disliked my old posts, because of these reasons too.

1.) Short Posts with No Purpose/Proper Meaning

I mean like why even write a post, with even under 50 words that hold no meaning. Like some posts are meant for others, some are really random, some are a waste of time, some have no humor, some are just ugh. You click on the post and you exit it after a quick scan.

2.) Horrible Grammar

You see posts that don’t have paragraphs, that don’t have commas, that don’t even put an uppercase at the starting of a sentence or noun! No one, and I repeat noone is pleased with a post that has horrible grammar. Your post will look unappealing. Especially posts like this:

“y u no lik dis post. i have a buze lif and mah views lowerd lots even doe mah gramar is beter den urs #noautocorrect”

I mean like dude, some posts don’t even have periods. Wow. Just wow. Even your hashtag has better grammar.

3.) Donate. Need gold. Help.

I don’t get why you’d make a post just so your friends would donate. 

Like I don’t mind telling people my kiosk but making a post being desperate for gold, nope. Make a post about selling items but don’t ask people to donate because your broke or you really want this item.

People have asked me if I wanted gold and my response is always:

“I’m not your friend for gold.” And they reply with

“I know.”

If you are that desperate for gold ask people in MyMall, don’t need to make a post about it πŸ˜‰

4.) Only Titled Posts

So there are these posts with only titles, that just relates to #1. A post with just a title. Like if you make a post make it have actual words inside the post not just a title, or I’ll just classify your post as spam, no meaning. Even some may have a picture but if there isn’t any humour or meaning of the picture what’s the point?

These are just some types of posts that irritate me to a level.

*Most of this was written on an IPod*




50 thoughts on “I. Hate. These. Posts.

      1. not to butt in like a real rude pig but there are a handful of short posts. but im real glad yall tryin hard to fix the habit and writing awesome (informatttive) posts ya know

  1. Another pet peeve of mine is when i go through my reader and all i see are pointless posts from the same person, and the posts just keep clogging up my Reader -_-

  2. Ahaha, all of those types of posts annoy me.
    Although sometimes, I guess I could be a bit guilty with the short posts… or I make them extremely long with lots of meaning and nobody reads the whole thing. ._.

  3. The grammar thing depends for me, really.
    Like I don’t expect everyone to decide to type in perfect sentences all of the time (especially in a personal, fun blog) but there are some types of speech that irritate me. When I feel like I’m about to die, or that I don’t care about life usually I don’t write with periods and capitals, but besides that my grammar is consistent for the most part.
    But there’s a type of speech where people write poorly INTENTIONALLY, such as typing like this: hai!! i LIEK turtles so ramdon xDd”
    Basically where a non first English speaking person will not understand at all.

  4. I just changed my blog address and I didn’t know that it would get rid of every thing that I have done. I have spent so much time into my blog and if I can’t get it back i’m quitting. Can you help me. Do you know a way to contact worpress?

      1. idk and ok I will try. I’m crying right now I didn’t know it did that. Lots of people change their address and it never did this ugh I hate my self

      2. I just got an email back and apparently it’s not showing me the new address in my blog options when I go to post so they have to fix it. I’m mad cause they made me freak out over nothing

      1. I went on it and my whole theme is gone, my sidebar, pages, header, background, and posts. Everything is gone

      2. Can you post a picture please. Because that’s not my case. I will post a picture but idk if you can see it

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