Favourite Apps Tag

Thank you Crlstle for tagging me to do this (tag)!


Thank the person who nominated you (Check)

Put the rules in the post when you do the tag  (Check)

Put your top 5-10 (you can choose how many as long as it’s in that range) favorite apps on your phone/tablet

Nominated 7 others 

So I’ll try and get at least 10 😉

In order: iMessage, Safari, WordPress, YouTube, musical.ly, Hangouts, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Wattpad and DramaFever

Yeah I got 11, I couldn’t go in the limit, honestly I still have way more favourite apps, like dude the Camera, and yeah 😉 Jk but seriously I love the Camera more then iMessage but I’m legit lazy to crop it out lol

I nominate:










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