Great Mando-Pop Songs From Luhan, Tao and Kris

I admit, I once thought that ‘That Good Good” was K-POP and not Mando, so I apologize on that.

Anyhow, how do you think the three former EXO members are doing? You don’t need to be that worried because they’re doing GREAT and China! But have you ever wanted to hear their solo songs? Well I’ll stop you from waiting and you can here some great Mando-Pop songs by them!

BTW Z.Tao is Tao and Wu Yi Fan is Kris

1.) Z.Tao – I’m The Sovereign

Pre-Chorus and Chorus is really catchy, you should hear it, its awesome.

(I’m listening to it right now)

2.)  Wu Yi Fan – Bad Girl

3.) LuHan – Your Song

The music video is cute and the song is good ^-^

4.) Z.Tao – T.A.O

“Wait a minute hold up.” Quote unquote.

5.) Wu Yi Fan – Time Boils The Rain

6.) LuHan – Football Gang

Luhan is a fabulous singer, wherever he is and whatever he does.

7.) Z.Tao – Crown

Tao is seriously a great singer. Seriously great. Praise the Kung Fu Panda.

8.) Wu Yi Fan – There Is A Place

Just like Tao, Kris is a really good singer, he has great talent.

9.) Luhan – Deep

Guys this is a song promoting Kung Fu Panda 3! GUYS KUNG FU PANDA 3.

10.) Z.Tao – Reluctantly

I really like this song, it sets a mood. You can feel his emotions.

11.) Wu Yi Fan – Greenhouse Girl

12.) Luhan – That Good Good

I will seriously put this song everytime. Everytime.

What was your favourite?

Luhan Exo-M


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