Adi In Wonderland – Chapter 1

Story dedicated to the fabulous pear, Adi! Happy Birthday Wifey <3!

Adi in Wonderland

Adi = Becky G

Mad Hatter = Shawn Mendes

Cheshire Cat = Weekly Chris

Red Rabbit = Ryan Higa

White Queen = Taeyeon

Red Queen = Lily Singh

Knave of Spades = Baekhyun

Jungdee & Jindum = Jin & Jungkook

Chapter One

“Alice in Wonderland?

What a dumb thing, Wonderland? Falling into holes? Different worlds? Please man.” This is what I always thought whenever I heard of that movies name. It’s strange how little kids in the hood are starting to believe in this! It’s not like one day my life will suddenly become fun!



That’s all my life was focused on. Friends? If you count friends who are backstabbers then sure! Family? I can’t count my family who grieve over the fact I was born a female. Now I’ll have to get married to some rich British dude just so I’ll get married into royalty, and roll the ‘r’ by the way for humor ya know 😉

“Sweethearts come down! We’re going to meet your future husband!”

Ugh, the wicked witch is calling me down. My controlling stepmother who’s made me this way. If only father never died; I wouldn’t be stuck with this witch.

My sister, Makayla, she LOVES this witch. I don’t see why, when she replaced Mom and Dad. Literally.

“Coming.” I went downstairs wearing this long blue frilly dress that the witch bought me while my sister was skipping down the stairs in a matching outfit, yet white.

“Let’s go kids!” The Witch said that and we went inside our limo. I don’t see why she can afford to rent out a LIMO when the rotten witch says she doesn’t have enough money to buy me a Candy Pear, like come on dude, the candy shop isn’t that far and your stinking rich!

“…” The whole car ride was silent, as least I was able to bring my earbuds. But the witch made me bring PINK EARBUDS!!! Why not my green earbuds, whats the difference? Oh right. She wants everyone to think I’m girly aye. Sometimes I curl inside a ball and go into my own world, my own wonderland. But I’ve stopped doing that because ‘Wonderland’ isn’t even real. At least Shawn Mendes is.

And then, we got out of the car. And without even realizing it, I’ll soon find out my life is going to change today, my life will enter a magical world otherwise known as Wonderland

“Come on Adi!” Makayla reached out for my hand, and pulled me out of the car. Lets make magic happen today.

Adi in Wonderland, Chapter 1 complete.



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