I was legit bored so I decided to take four IQ tests just because I remember hearing my friend said she got a below average score. So you could say I got curious on my results.

The first test I took said I had to pay for my results so I wasted my time on that :’

The second test I took, I think it differs on age and I put my age as 15 and got an IQ of 123. It said its accurate but who knows, but I doubt any of these I took are accurate ;A;

The third test I took, it said I had an IQ between 105 to 120, didn’t ask my age but it claimed it was a practice for if I did take a real IQ test.


The fourth one I took said my IQ was average, which is more believable then 123 😉

I wonder how I’d do on a ‘real’ IQ test




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