That Moment…

You finally understood your friends joke.

So my friend was looking through the songs on my phone, since I told her I had a few English songs (Haha, its more like GD, CL, Jungkook, RapMon and Iggy because I was ‘forced’ to have one English song)

And she found the song ‘Loser’ by BIG BANG on my phone and she puts it on and goes

“That’s you.” So I hit her, 😀

But I realized I AM A LOSER

Because I was starting a project while leaving the questions at school 😉

No seriously I took this quiz on which Song Lyrics are you and I got Loser.

Lol I have such a sad life //forever cringes//


BTS 11


9 thoughts on “That Moment…

  1. This proves my theory: Internet quizzes have been designed simply to make us feel bad about ourselves, by telling us negative things about ourselves that we can do nothing about.

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