EXO Challenge

exo challenge

I’ll do this all in one post since I’ll most likely forget to do it each day 😉

1.) One of my favourite pictures of EXO as one is this:


All 12 ^-^

2.) I have three :O If counting EX-EXO members then Luhan, Baekhyun and Chanyeol! 🙂


EXO Luhan and Baekhyun and Chanyeol

They ARE basically smiling right? 😀

4.) NOO. N O. What is wrong with this question O-O

ONE of my favourite songs by EXO is Love Me Right (I bet none of you knew this)

5.) Umm…. Baekhyun, D.O, Kai, Lay, Chen, $uho, Xiumin, Luhan and basically all the EXO singers B-)

6.) HunHan (Sehun, Luhan), BaekYeol (Baekhyun and Chanyeol)

7.) I’d go for either Chanyeol or Baekhyun. Because they seem friendly and they ARE also funny ^-^



9.) I have so many favourite Chanyeol moments O-O

One of my favourite Chanyeol moments is when he was in Roommates, and him and Kang Joon ran this trip together as ‘KangYeol’! It was cute 😀

10.) I don’t know why but this gif makes me laugh:


11.) This isn’t exactly a showcase or maybe it is 😛 It’s more of EXO’s performance at the MAMA’s 2015 WHEN THEY USED LIGHTSABERS IN THEIR PERFORMANCE!



13.) What. Why? WHY FAVOURITE 😦 I’ll say one favourite 😛

Baekhyun eyesmile

14.) This one, because they look so happy ;A;

EXO High Cut

15.) Only SIX?!?! No. No.


Luhan cupcake ChanBaekHanHunHan Luhan red hair Luhanshoot

16.) Obviously when Chanyeol tried to hug Kris 😉

Where ya at Canadian buddy ;A;

Chanyeol and Kris

17.) I am seriously in love with the photoshoot with Chanyeol and Baekhyun and Luhan with cupcakes… CUPCAKES



Luhan Exo-M

19.) I don’t know… Don’t ask this ;A;


20.) Dude its spelt $uho (jk jk) I’ll give one since their are so many pics (of Luhan)


21.) His smile doe 😉

Kris smile

22.) My favourite part is the whole video.

23.) I have many, many and many! Here is one from Promise

promise verse

24.) No. No. No.

luhan gif Baekhyun Chanyeol

25.) This picture makes me think Tao is holding a gun lmao


26.) Kai and Sehun right here

Kai and Sehun

27.) Kai looks the same duh

Kai predebut


All the pictures are in this post ^-^


Chen and Lay


Last year, because EXO IS LIFE!

Also they produce great music ^-^




10 thoughts on “EXO Challenge

  1. I love that first pic 🙂 . I used to stare at it everyday (because I was obsessed like hell) – Heellloooo, Baek’s hair is perfection in that.

    I absolutely loved BTS’ MAMA performance :3 . Especially Drop That! They even made me get up and dance!

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