Congrats Me!

Today is January 18th 2016, and in one month will be…. My birthday! Anyhow that’s not what this post is about (lmao)!

I’ve been going to Madrasa for a long long time, but now I’m just reading. Before I was memorizing the Quran but now I’m just reading it so I FINALLY FINISHED THE 30TH SEPARA MAN! It took me so many years O M G, I blame my last teachers tbh 😉

So as I was going home I had a smile plastered across my face 🙂

Also I saw this when I came back:


I just realized why 18 is one of my two lucky/favourite numbers (~7~)

1.) Good things happen to me on the 18th

2.) My birthday is on the 18

3.) J-Hope’s birthday is on the 18th of February too. Also Vernon from Seventeen and many others.

4.) I found out about BamBam when he was 18 (I have no life o k)

5.) G-Dragon’s birthday is on the 18th of August

6.) The song ‘Stop Stop It’ By GOT7 was released on the 18th of November 2014

7.) The song ‘Ice Cream Cake’ by Red Velvet was released on March 18th 2015

And must I go on?


BTS 19


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