Fangirl Fandoms Blog Review

*I’ll be brutally honest with my opinion Annabeth ;)*

Link –

Theme – 7.5/10

Your blog theme is anime right? Well that is what is shows when I look at your blog but scanning your posts yours more into talking about ‘Japanese/Japan’ then ‘Anime’ unless AnimeCon counts so in your tagline I’d suggest adding Japan 🙂

Appearance – 6.5/10

Your logo doesn’t really match your background and its pretty big, so I’d suggest changing it. Your background is too eye-popping (or however you say it) which could make it distracting for some users. I’d suggest adding a Sticky Post to make your blog look more organized.

Widgets – 5.5/10

You need to organize your widgets and I’d suggest removing some. For example instead of having three ‘Random ___ Pics’ I’d either remove all three or make it into one widget. Also you should add blog stats near the top, with the search and follow button(s). You could also remove the blogs you follow button because you never know; some people may be hurt by not seeing their blog up there 😉

Posts – 8/10

Your posts are great to read! I don’t have much to say but a tip is to always have at least a minimum of 100 word posts (don’t get me started on my old posts…)

Pages – 8/10

You have enough pages to satisfy your viewers! What you could do is make contact a sub page under About Us but other then that your pages are fun to go on! If you wanted since your tagline also included K-POP you could add a K-POP page 🙂 Nice job!

Overall – 7/10

Keep it up!!!




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