Just Another Loner

I had a totally awesome time at Madrasa (I usually like to just say Arabic; since I read Arabic there lol)… Just kidding 😛

I feel like the other girls there don’t like me or something, I DON’T KNOW WHY (hint the sarcasm)

Anyhow, I was calmly reading something; and I look up and I made eye contact with this girl, I don’t even know her name so lets call her #1

So #1 started laughing; without the teacher knowing so she was laughing without making sound, with me wondering why she’s laughing at me.

And then after most of the girls are waiting outside; as I was one of them and the second I left the Madrasa to wait (to be dismissed I guess?) #1 looked at #2 and then started pointing at me.

And when the others were talking and laughing; #1 literally kept looking at me while saying ‘Shh, Shh’

When I went into the elevator with them this younger girl kept staring at me; of course being so stupid, I stare back making her look away 😉 Operation Success right 😉
Which reminds me earlier when I was leaving for Madrasa this really younger kid hit me; lol.

I feel like they all don’t like me; seeing that from the girls at the elevator there, only two have talked to me. One actually was nice the other bluntly said to me “Isn’t that the teachers rehal (book rest)” When it was mine (-.-)

//My life as a loner lmao//


Baekhyun Gif



12 thoughts on “Just Another Loner

  1. Aw, they sound awfully rude. -.- I like you Yuki, you’re me bae! ❤ xP Don't let people like that get to you… and good job freaking that other person out… I hate when people stare at me.
    //intrudes on loner life//
    //we can be loners together//

      1. Wtf u talking about
        You went to some place i dont remember because im too lazy to grammar and go back to the post
        While i stay home all day, weekend, and night.

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