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Hey guys! So today im going to be doing my first three blog reviews. Lets start with Fantage Pink Bunnies 🙂

Fantage Pink Bunnies Blog Review:

I love your blog! Its so cute 😉 I don’t really like your logo or background but the bunny actually looks really cute for your favicon. So yeah I recommend changing your background and logo. I love the use of the colour pink since its my favourite colour but I would get rid of the pink background colour in your “Recent Comments” widget. I would just make it plain white 🙂

Overall Rating: 8/10

Yuki’s Dreams Blog Review:

Omg! Your blog is so cute XD It kind of has a girly feel to it since it has like a pink and white background, pink sparkly and pinkish header. Your header is literally so cute. I’ve seen other headers that aren’t that nice because there…

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