Tip Of Advice

I told some people I had a blog, but I only told one person the URL from my class.

Let me tell you that you should give it to a friend who won’t tell your class during a lesson -_-

So our teacher was talking about blogs, and she asked if anyone has ever seen a blog, so me and my friend who likes BTS were saying that we should say BTSDiary; so then the friend I told my URL (who actually knows about GOT7; due to me, and she annoyingly says BamBam is hers, as a joke -_-)

She rose her hand and said

“I’ve actually checked out (insert name)’s blog, it has very interesting posts on K-POP.” Quote unquote

(-.-) that face is my life exactly along with (T-T) and the crazy alien xD face 😉

If your reading this friend, I wanted you to know that http://www.bambamismine.com




6 thoughts on “Tip Of Advice

  1. Gosh, I never would have thought a teacher would talk about blogs ._. . I’ve only told my cousin (because she asked for my Wattpad and since she knows I obsess over kpop, I told her anyways) and my one of my best friends (because I love her and want her to trust me) but I haven’t told them the name or anything. My best friend will probably stalk me down though XD .

  2. In grade 7 I had a huge assignment to make a blog and present it to the class. I got a 91%, woot.
    It’s pretty good for elementary, since they grade you based on favouritism and how much you pay attention. I got a 85% average in elementary, but I have a 95% average in high school (that’s MUCH harder) =_=”

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