JZ (Pronounced Jay-Z)

So in Science Class (did I shock you, did I give you a mind shock; that its not Math?) I was working with a partner on drilling and sawing (yes) and our initials together was J.Z, so I’m like

“Dude we’re the Jay-Z team, too perfect ;)” Us two finished first out of everyone so I started going to a different pair at the same table and I was like: “Welcome to the Jay-Z News, I’m the J in the Z *raps while talking* because I rap, just like, Jay-Z (WHAT UP JIN? BTS..)! So tell me how do you feel about drilling?”

Literally I did it for the pairs at my table and then I decided to go to the next table, and I went to this one group with two of my friends I sit beside in Math.

Me: Welcome to the Jay-Z-

Friend #1: *jokes* Shoo, no one likes you~


Friend #1: *pushes away* Sho~!

Me: *goes to Z* Yah I failed, shes ignoring me T-T

And now in Math Class

Person: Math?

Me: Math is fun!

Person: I heard nothing..

So Friend #1 decides to play a joke on me (because she wanted to apparently) ignoring me; so when I hit her she’d tell the guy beside me


Friend #2 (guy): WHAT?

So I felt like Jimin (BTS) for a while 😛

//what a nice life//

jimin bts

Idk that picture of Jimin reminded me of Panda for some reason lmao



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