Review for Yuki’s and Rainbowstar


Here’s your reviews! First up, Yuki.

Your posts are very well organised. The logo is so cute omg the butterfly. ^_^ I like how oi mainly focus on one thing which I K-POP I believe? The header is quite nice too. The use of cute dividers is fantastic. There is a good amount of pages, maybe a touch to much (I can realte) and maybe put some pages together? Like.. Oh.. Nvm. Your blog is amazing!

Overall rating is 9.5/10 🙂

For rainbowstar:

I love how the logo is a mlp walking, and the background really does match the logo, and it puts the blog together. The posts are quite nice as well, some of them are really long but it’s fine to have long posts once in a while. I prefer sweet, short posts. Your pages are nice and I like the emojis next to the page titles. The…

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