A Deal

I was gone for a while, I bought heavenly chicken pizza! πŸ™‚

Me and my mom made a final agreement, which I proposed on something known as a job. Like I talked about before my mom said I could audition for Entertainments; but she said I should do music as a side job.

So today I made a compromise with my mom. You know how parents are like you have to become a ‘Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer’ right? Well I told my mom that what if in High School/University I studied to become a lawyer but I still did music.

She said that if I become a Lawyer even part time then its okay for me to do music πŸ˜€


Lol, me being happy while eating Pizza




52 thoughts on “A Deal

  1. My parents just tell me to do what I want to do. But they like what me and my bro wants to do. I wanna be a doctor (don’t know what kind yet) and my bro wants to be a veterinarian

  2. That’s going to be really hard but good luck! There was this girl on The Voice (China). She was a top lawyer student in the country but she made it pretty far in The Voice.

  3. YEA! We have the same plans to keep the music industry as a side job! I am becoming a nurse. Becoming an RN is too much schooling and its bad that I am not getting my scholarship opportunity anymore due to a fact which I will make a post about in around February time.

      1. I haven’t heard any JYP Nation people getting removed or disappeared
        The only way that could happen is if they don’t sign their contract again
        And besides I’ll still be able to become a lawyer if I study for it, so it’s not a big woop
        I also didn’t watch Zoey 101 XD Kevin didn’t do a solo career after the Jonas Brothers so that’s his loss in a way πŸ˜›

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