What To Do When Bored

Your math teacher gives you nine (more like 20, since there are parts) questions to do, well I finished the last question today so I can relax ^-^

But now I’m bored, what shall I do? Have you ever thought that after homework you’d do something fun, but then your bored? Or your just bored in general? Well you came to the right place!

1.) Have a Loner Dance Party

Simple! Put some music on and dance around!

2.) Watch Some Shows

Want a show? Or a K-Drama? Or a Hindi Drama? Well I’ll give you some right now!

Show – Watch Old Episodes of ICarly~! Everyone probably remembers Sam 😉

K-Drama – Twenty Again! Watch this drama on how a woman goes to the same university as her 20 year old son!

Hindi Drama – Watch Old Episodes of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain //theme song plays in head//

3.) Stalk Some Blogs

Go on a blog and look at their old posts! You may find something embarrassing about that person //goes to delete old posts//

4.) Bug Your Friends!

Go on Hangouts/Email/Mail/Gmail and bug your friend until they come on!! Here is an example:


5.) Get a Life

get a lifeIts not gonna happen. So ignore this step.



6.) Spam people on WordPress

Simple, go on a random blog, and comment alot on a random post! Hint hint this may annoy the person your spamming, but who cares when your bored.

a11 a111

*Click On Images*

7.) Eat.


8.) Fantage

Now if your seriously bored go on Fantage.



27 thoughts on “What To Do When Bored

      1. yes very
        because i have to literally click each notifacations to make it go away
        I don’t mind comments but likes are annoying in large quantities

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