Me In A Group

So in the groups I’m in, I’m known as two things. Guess? //drumrolls//

I’m known as the alien of the group and the mother of the group.


1.) Alien.

Well its just the way I act with the group, like earlier in Health we had to sit with our partner for a project and the teacher wasn’t in the class and I started doing really random and weird things (some were related to K-POP) and my friend/partner was like ‘THE GUYS RIGHT THERE ARE STARING AT YOU LIKE YOUR WEIRD!!’ my reply was ‘I’m kawaii not weird (Weeaboo) ;)’

2.) Mother

I’m just motherly with my group. In science I was scolding my members for drilling holes on the story (true story) and helping them out. IN math Literacy, a guy (lol) in my group called me (insert name)-momma too, so I guess I’m just ‘motherlike’

What are you in your groups?

BamBam                                                                  ~Yuki~



15 thoughts on “Me In A Group

  1. 1) Shortest
    2) Spaced out
    3) Queen Bee (lol, some people consider me the leader, I reject)
    4) Annoying younger sister
    5) That one girl who is seen in the background of a picture, taking a selfie.. CONSTANTLY

  2. 1) Short-one
    2) Artist
    3) Smart one (Well, we’re all smart but really sociable xD)
    4) Innocent-one (because I have no idea what the “wrong” stuff is lol)
    5) Otaku (There’s a few otakus actually. ;D)

      1. Cool 😛 I don’t like being short lol, everyone feels so accomplished when they’re taller than me and I’m like ._. how do you think I feel, guys? xD I’m like ONE inch from being 5 ft., and even that’s still considered short. TnT

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