Imitation Days


Fairy Life

Hey everyone!

Soo..I’ve come up with this cool idea that involves lots of bloggers.

It’s called “Imitation Days”

Imitation Day will be a day where bloggers make a post in the style of another blogger
for example, If I got gravycf, I may make a DIY crafts post

How this works, is sort of like the fantage bloggers secret santa.

If you want to join:
→Comment your email (you can ask us to censor this out) + username for wordpress
email just your username for wordpress

Last day to enter is Jan 9th. Fairycari will email which blogger you will be imitating on Jan 10th.

The posting days will be from the 11th to 14th

Post as accurate at you can to how the person you’re imitating would.

Yay, good luck!


just wondering if you guys want to know who each other got or just let me email…

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