I’ve been smiling all day espicially in Math Class the classes I have each day like Literacy, Math and French.

Reasons? I just kept thinking about my mom actually letting me audition for K-POP Entertainments if they come to Canada, like even though its 6 months away I could gain a bunch of practice during those 6 months and you never know, I might just make it.

Its more of the thought, like what if I do make it, what if I do debut. Thoughts that just linger through my mind and most of them are positive, since they’re are a bunch of Pro’s then Con’s about becoming a Trainee for a K-Entertainment.

I’m just really happy that my mom said yes to me to actually trying to audition, cause if I don’t make it this year there is always next year 🙂


Side Notes – The will be on either on Friday or Weekend so I hope you’ll be able to make it to the 😀



16 thoughts on “Smiling

      1. nah i got it 🙂 it just takes so much work to finish one problem lmao
        //it legit took me an hour to finish one page which had 30 problems on it

      2. Lol I see, it’d probably make sense to take an hour if there are 30 problems.
        You reminded me of a friend, shes in Japan now but I remember she also cried in math class when she didn’t get it so don’t worry (again) Your not alone 🙂

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