Back in School!

So today was the first day back in school, after the break! I have to say it was a pretty fun day! How?

1.) French.

In French we had literally two free periods (lol me being immature right now) and me and 2 of my classmates were talking together about random stuff. First two/three of us were talking about K-POP like alot about BTS and the other one actually liked BTS but we were talking about alot of BTS stuff and other groups so she didn’t quite get our ‘K-Pop talk’ after that me and the girl… I’ll label them. A for the one who likes K-POP too and S for the one who only knows BTS.

Me and A both are V biased but we don’t argue unless someone brings it up (lol) so we asked S who’s her bias (favourite member of the group) and she said the guy with orange hair in Boy In Luv (MV) and me and A both went “NOO NOT V, HES MY BIAS~!” and then after our small quarrel I brought up the topic of ‘Marriage and Dating’ lol.

And then we switched to One Direction and Selena Gomez on how Niall likes Selena and Selena likes Zayn 😛

2.) No Homework

We have no homework for today! Yes

3.) Lunch

IN MY LUNCH I HAD SWEET AND SOUR FISH!!! Nothing else needed to be said.

Oh and I’ll be hosting a later on this week so I hope some of you will be able to make it when its on!



My signout cause Baekhyun (EXO) is awesome.


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